Why Google Panda Hates Your Blog

Thursday, April 05, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 22 Comments

If you are looking for blog SEO tips after Google Panda came along, then you and I are on the same boat. I have been doing a little research and it looks like my blog has been a bad, bad girl. But why does Google Panda hate my blog (and probably yours, too)?

My code is really dirty, and I have hundreds of useless posts in my blog. That is why I want to clean up after myself, even if it means deleting old blog posts that hold a sentimental meaning. If you’re wondering why Google Panda hates your blog just as it hates mine, then read on for a little enlightenment.

Google Panda Sniffs Out Bad Blog Posts

Am I sucking it up to Google? Definitely. It is still the strongest and most widely used search engine worldwide. And here is the most important thing you MUST know about Google Panda: one bad blog post can hurt your entire blog or website.

Google PandaGoogle Panda sounds cute, but it’s mean, mean, mean!
(Image: PANPOTE / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Yes, all you need is one bad apple in the basket and all your hard work might just go down the drain. Google Panda penalizes the entire site, instead of just penalizing one blog post or page at a time. So, it’s time to sniff out the bad posts and get rid of them or give them more useful content.

Bad Blog Posts: What Are They?

But what exactly are the blog posts you should get rid of, update, or rewrite? Below are a few of the ones you should be on the lookout for:

  • Google Panda hates blog posts with less than 200 words. That is a rounded off number, of course, and is not an absolute value. But a blog post with a word count of 100 is definitely going to look bad in Google’s eyes. If your PageRank matters to you – which it should, not because it’s a really nice status symbol but because PR penalties also mean getting bumped off in the search results – then you should give all blog posts with less than 200 words a hard, long look. Read on for more reasons Google Panda hates your blog.
  • Google Panda does not like grammatical errors. Well, who knew Google is a stickler for grammar? It abhors wrong spelling and gross grammar mistakes. If you don’t write fluent English, not only will Google Panda hate you, but your readers also will. Think of it this way: would you trust a website enough that you would give out your credit card information IF it had gross grammatical errors? Which leads me to reasons number three.
  • Google Panda despises untrustworthy websites. If you go through your own blog and it comes off as amateurish and untrustworthy, then you are most likely going to suffer Google Panda’s wrath. Yes, Google puts a primer on trust.
  • Google Panda hates sponsored posts and links if you are not transparent about them. This reeks of black hat SEO, you see. If you want Google to trust you, then always declare that a link is sponsored. Google Panda has a way of knowing. Perhaps a sudden surge in backlinks going to just one website will tip Google off, for example. And if you so happen to be one of the blogs feeding a backlink to the guilty website, then you will get to witness why Google Panda is pretty much like Kung-fu Panda.

But despite all this information, one thing holds true: nobody really understands Google Panda in its entirety. Many SEO experts will base their opinions on anecdotes and experiments, but of course, only Google will know how to manipulate a blog. It has one solid advice for all bloggers, though: make good content. And now that you know why Google Panda hates your blog, you know better. No duplicate content, no useless blog posts – unless you are a celebrity who gets a lot of traffic even if you post a stupid picture of your nose hairs. (Did you find this post informative or funny? Please take the time to click on the +1 or Facebook like button or leave a comment about how Google Panda loves - or hates - your blog.)

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  1. Hmmm.. time to edit edit edit! :)

  2. This is the second time i've read about Google Panda, and the first article that made me understood what it is. Ok, I don't exactly know what google panda is but at least I am no longer too blind about it. Thanks for this. =)

  3. Google Panda has very strong likes and dislikes. Not to be taken for granted. Good post.

  4. Oh-oh...Must review my blog content....Thanks for the information. :)sis..bakit april na yung date? advance?

  5. Mrs. Kolca, same here... I have over 300 posts to edit in my other blog. I feel like throwing in the towel altogether!

    Swexie, wow, nice username! :) Glad you got the gist of my blog post. Check back soon for more of the same!

    LITP, thank you! :)

    Monjheng, yes, it's an advanced post. Trying to spread it all out.

  6. I haven't heard a lot about Google Panda yet, but I'm glad that this is the first post I've read about it. Thanks so much for this very useful information! I think I really have to fix some of my posts. Btw, do you think if I edit my posts with a copy on another site (which I wrote too), my blog will not be penalized anymore? Or is the penalty permanent? (Sorry, I'm really new to these things.)

  7. Hi, Sumi, thanks for visiting once again. :) Actually, I'm guilty of the same thing (using notes from my old blog for my new blog). But I do make a point of deleting the entire blog post on the former blog.

    Of course, it takes time before the URL gets deindexed by Google, so you (and I, hehe) will run the risk of getting penalized. But I want to think of it this way: as long as no copy exists in two different blogs at the same time, then Google will catch up. Hopefully, we don't get slapped on the wrist! *crossing fingers* :)

  8. I already heard about Google Panda in the past but I did not understand it very well because the articles about Panda before were too technical for “non-nerds” like me to understand very well. Your article is very well written.

  9. very informative post again Stef! I learned and maybe I should update the short post I have which I only have there bec I was trying to lessen backlogs haha...

  10. Hello Stef, thanks for your post! Perhaps one of my blogs has been penalized by Google, from a good traffic it is now 0 traffic at all from Mr. G. I am sad and discomfort! If you can help me please share! Thanks.

  11. This sounds really hectic. Google Panda sounds strict. I guess we all have a lot of "Spring" cleaning to do.

  12. Oh, Google Panda is definitely strict. But I think it's safe to say that everyone should practice white hat SEO at all times.

    Even if black hat SEO will work for you now, just you wait until Google makes new algorithm adjustments and sends the Panda back to your blog. In the end, getting a low pagerank or low traffic won't hurt too much if you never spent too much time investing in black hat SEO. :)

    Good luck to all of us! May the Google Panda spare our innocent blogs.

  13. Is my blog under the "untrustworthy" category? hahaha :)

    Nice post! :)

  14. Hahaha! I don't think so, since its satirical nature is very transparent. :) Untrustworthy sites are those who manufacture their content under false pretenses or who have intentionally misleading content. Besides, your readers love your blog, with or without Google's help!

    Thanks for dropping by. May Google Panda love our blogs. :)

  15. I didn't even know Google has a Panda before reading this post! :)

    And here I thought SEO was a high ranking big wig at a company :))

  16. Oh, yes, Google has a Panda. They keep it in a special zoo and feed it special Panda food. As for Mr. SEO, he is listening - shh! He knows we're talking about him, so be careful; he holds a special power over Google's pet Panda, mind you!

    LOL! :)

  17. Too cute to handle, LOL! I must review all my blog contents now because I am strongly sure that the cute panda hates me and my blog.

    Thank you for sharing this informative post :)

    FYI. This is the first time that I heard/read about Google Panda.

  18. Glad to hear that this article on Google Panda has helped you. :) Hope you come back soon, Angie!

  19. Thanks for this one Stef! Definitely a big help ;)

  20. heyy stef ...nice post hummmm!!!

  21. Excellent blog on the Panda "invasion". :) So many blog writers miss the point of clean, relevent and updated content/copy. I'll pass this around. Good information!

  22. Thanks for the extra hand. Here's a bonus: writing good blog posts helps dispel rumors that bloggers suck! :)