7 Deadly Sins of Blogging

Monday, April 16, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 14 Comments

Have you heard of the 7 deadly sins of blogging? These common blogging mistakes are not exactly written on any holy text, but wise bloggers know better than to commit them. Are you guilty of any of the 7 deadly sins of blogging?

Common Blogging Mistakes

All newbies make blogging mistakes, but some sins are less forgivable than others. Although the Holy Week is over, it’s always a good time to confess! Have you committed any mistake as a blogger that has hurt either your reputation or your blog’s? And does that mistake of yours fall under the 7 deadly sins of blogging enumerated below?

7 Deadly Sins of Blogging

All newbie bloggers, and even the veteran bloggers, make mistakes once in a while. But learning from others’ errors is a great way to avoid making a faux pas. Below are what I refer to as the 7 deadly sins of blogging; tell me if you agree with my list.

1. Ignoring social network niceties is a deadly sin that most bloggers commit. Yes, content is king. Yes, it’s important to know onsite and offsite SEO. But undervaluing social networks in blogging is the type of snobbery that will get you in trouble. No blog is an island!

2. Plagiarizing another blogger’s content is considered a deadly sin. The internet is full of information, a myriad of ideas and thoughts that can potentially enrich our lives – and our blogs. But copying someone else’s content is a big no-no; otherwise, Google just might banish you from its list of heavenly search results. Using another blogger’s pictures without permission is another common blogging mistake. Copyright is a big issue, whether online or on print. Use other people’s photos and images without their go signal and their wrath will befall you. Continue reading the 7 deadly sins of blogging after the jump!

3. Having too many blog ads is a deadly sin in blogging. Search engines hate anything that is overdone. Actually, a website that goes overboard with its SEO is also punished! But I digress. Going back to the topic, too many ads make your blog look untrustworthy. If Google notices this, it will shake its head and frown upon your blog.

4. Not studying the basics of SEO is a common blogging mistake. Although you are not exactly stepping on any other blogger’s toes, knowing zilch about SEO is like going to war without ammunition. You are bound to lose, and your blog just might die on you, making this sin indeed a deadly one.

5. Abandoning your blog for months on end is a deadly sin you should not commit. Regularly posting on your blog means you are committed to providing quality content to your readers. Just like in love, consistency matters also in blogging.

6. Not knowing how to cite sources properly is a common blogging mistake that might get your butt kicked. Although you may be an expert in your field, it still helps for you to cite your sources, especially if you own health blogs. Mention your sources, provide a link, and cite them properly so that your readers will know that the information you offer on your blog is worth trusting.

7. Ignoring grammar is the favorite sin of many bloggers. Here’s the harsh reality: many people prefer to read blogs that offer spellchecked and grammar-checked articles. It’s hard for readers to trust bloggers who don’t take the time to check their work. As a courtesy to readers, bloggers should make the effort to check their blog posts for grammar.

Have you ever committed any of the 7 deadly sins of blogging listed above? Did you get a slap on the wrist or did you perhaps suffer from something worse? How did you rectify your blogging mistakes?

Common Blogging Mistakes

The 7 deadly sins of blogging are, of course, subject to argument. Here’s one more common blogging mistake you might actually be guilty of: deleting negative blog comments! Read about how to deal with negative blog comments and you’ll be a better blogger for it.

Aside from the above 7 deadly sins of blogging, you might have other mistakes in mind which you think are “deadlier” than these sins I already enumerated. If you have something in mind, hit the comments below and share your knowledge! And feel free to click on the “like” buttons if you think this blog post didn’t commit any of the common blogging mistakes listed above. Winking smile Follow me, Stef dela Cruz on Facebook, for updates and more articles on blogging!

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  1. Hello Ate Stef.

    Nice article here. I'm very guilty of number 4. Though I always try to understand SEO, I don't really get it yet. Number 5 has always been my sin ever since I started blogging in high school. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed na sana I won't get tired of my current blog. Huhu.

    Take care =)

  2. You are right about #7. It's really a major turn-off if a blog has a lot of grammar mistakes.

    #3 Having too many blogs! Shhh.. but I know some bloggers who have over 5 to 15 blogs. It's crazy. Hahaha.

  3. Athena, I'm no SEO expert, either! But even the little SEO that I know makes my old self look bad, hehe. And I also hope you don't get tired of blogging. :)

    Mrs. Kolca, oh, that idea never entered my mind! Oh well, if they have the time to manage many blogs, then I guess that's okay. I personally can't; I'd burn out if I owned more than 3 blogs! I have to write for print magazines and other websites, so I can only maintain 2 to 3 blogs at a time. :)

    Thanks for sharing! Now, here's another question: would you ever think of maintaining a porn blog if you knew it would earn a lot of money? Talk about sinning and blogging. ;)

  4. This post is so informative for starting bloggers! :) Among all these, I had a problem with #5 before. But after starting a new blog, I'm now more determined to keep and maintain it for as long as I can. Anyway, I cringe whenever I come across blogs which suffer from #3 and #7.

  5. Having a problem with #4. I don't really get how SEO works. I better start learning soon.

  6. Sumi, thanks! Yes, would love to see you update your blog more often. Oh, and I cringe at my old blog posts when I see how the titles and the URLs have been published. I cringe at all my gross mistakes, actually! Hahaha! Maybe that's why I got a new domain - I've had it with all my cringing. ;)

    Joan, SEO is like astrology: the experts feel that they know the tricks of the trade, but in the end, it's just a lot of guess work and gut feel. ;) Join the club - I'm an SEO newbie myself!

  7. I can add something to your list, don't post anything that might embarrass you someday. I am guilty of that. Ah, well.

  8. Gotta keep these in mind. SEO is definitely on top of the list of things I need to get savvy about?

  9. hi i am not good in seo. i am not a pro blogger. i am not expert in either way. in my experience pagerank will have great with your site. most site seen in the first search having a pr 1 to pr 9.

    I have a question does FB (facebook) have A SE0 think about it..?? I have a 5 -10 blogs ..and am not crazy of it ... :) sorry to tell .

  10. Interesting read :) All were true.

    Being overworked yet underpaid, I can relate!! haha...

  11. Overworked and underpaid! Ouch! So far, I have no idea of SEO!

  12. I am starting to blog, this will definitely help..

  13. Thank you, everyone, for dropping by my blog!

    Archie, I hope I see your blog posts shared on my feed one day by one of my friends! If you're on social media, do add me up as well on Instagram and Twitter - I'm easy to find: @stefdelacruzMD :) Looking forward to connecting to you all!


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