Blogging Tips For Newbies: UPDATED

Sunday, June 23, 2013 Stef dela Cruz 10 Comments

There are many blogging tips that I learned through the years. I learned that blogging can be a hobby, a means of earning money, a way of advertising and marketing, and a great way to vent. It’s also a wonderful means of gaining friends… and enemies. And do you know what 7 blogging tips I’ve learned lately?

Blogging Tips for Newbies

I guess the laws of physics apply even to blogging – for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction! I then want to share with you some blogging tips that might help you the same way they have helped me.

Yes, nothing trains a blogger like experience. But it also helps when a newbie blogger starts with suggestions from people who have been blogging longer. Of course, do not always think that the more experienced blogger is always the better blogger. Remember this saying: “It’s hard to argue with a fool. He pulls you down to his level and beats you with experience.”

But I digress. There are a lot of blogging tips that I picked up through the years. There may be those who might not agree, but that’s the beauty of blogging: people are free to air their opinions, as long as they do so responsibly. Without further ado, here are the 7 blogging tips I want to share with you:

  • Blogging tip #1: It doesn’t hurt to make friends with other bloggers. You just might get better with blogging if you have good friends in the industry. This usually means moral support, help with campaigns, and more successful networking. It also means getting friendly tips and invites which you otherwise might not get if you’re too much of a war freak. Read on and learn blogging tips on how to get regular visitors on your site!

  • Blogging tip #2: Don’t be bullied by rude bloggers. There are more bullies in the blogosphere than you might want to believe. They might not even know they’re bullies – all they believe is that they’re right, you’re wrong, and they have the right to make insulting remarks. Do not be pressured into accepting the rules they want to impose on you. And, more importantly, don’t be a bully blogger yourself – don’t push people around even if you believe you’re right.

  • Blogging tip #3: Invest in getting genuine readers in the long term. Yes, buying page views and purchasing comments may increase your site hits for now, but is this something you want to do everyday in the next five or ten years? Isn’t that too tedious? It would be easier to provide good content so that people you don’t even know who come across your website will want to come back – without your having to urge them to.

  • Blogging tip #4: Blog to your heart’s content. Blogging is something you won’t be able to sustain if it’s not exactly what you want to do. If you love it, on the other hand, you’ll keep doing it and you’ll want to do better.

  • Blogging tip #5: Do not let money be your main motivation. Blogging for money makes blogging rather tedious and it will make you feel that blogging isn’t too rewarding, especially if you’re not getting ten thousand visitors in one day. Yes, money may be great as one of the many reasons that should motivate you to blog, but it shouldn’t be at the top of your list, because the motivation will wane fast.

  • Blogging tip #6: Get out more often. At one point in your life as a blogger, you will be asked to cover events. You will be out there, meeting fellow bloggers, making notes, taking pictures – and enjoying yourself. (And that’s me below, taking pictures at an event!) Blogging Tips

  • Blogging tip #7: Use your own pictures and words. I used to “borrow” pictures from online sources, which I now refrain from. No stealing of copyrighted material, please! Plagiarism and copyright infringement are two things you don’t want to commit in this day and age. And if you must borrow, ask permission.

And these are the seven blogging tips that I’ve picked up through the years. If you don’t agree with any of them, feel free to share your thoughts and I will welcome any discourse. Blogging, after all, is no fun if there’s not much noise around. But, as always, don’t be a bully. (And you might want to read about how online bullies don’t even know they’re bullying.)

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Stef dela Cruz is a vegan doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She is the editor of The Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine. Get in touch if you want to invite her as a speaker!


  1. An agreeable post. I will keep them on my mind. Thank you for these tips.

  2. Amen to Blogging tip #3! :)

  3. i am not a newbie blogger but it is good to read blogging tips from time to time. :)
    thanks for sharing, stef!

  4. I agree to all the tips you've shared, Dr. Stef which equally important.

  5. Thanks for sharing these great blogging tips ! :)

  6. Thanks, everyone! I'm not much of an expert when it comes to blogging, so I hope to learn more, if only so I can share more. I hope I'm "investing in my readers" by having written this post, hehe!

  7. Amen to this post especially number 6 and 7! :D

  8. what a great tips and advises for newbie bloggers :-)

  9. Gandang tips to para sa mga baguhan...lalo ung mga hindi pa nag-uumpisa eh earnings agad iniisip :)

  10. That's true, Pinoy LinkX. A lot of people want to start blogging for the money. But it helps if you actually love maintaining a blog for your blog to start earning. :)