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Monday, April 30, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 5 Comments

Everybody wants to know how to blog for profit. Many bloggers who earn hundreds to thousands of dollars from blogging have a background in SEO. They also know how to monetize their blogs by placing their ads in strategic locations. And here, you’ll learn how they got started.

Blogging For Profit

Most of the time, those who turn a profit from blogging know how to find ad sponsors and write a lot of sponsored posts that are completely transparent. And they do all these without violating Google’s guidelines, so as not to anger Google Panda.

But if your primary motivation is blogging for profit, you are headed down the wrong path. If you’re in it for the money, you just might find yourself very disappointed later on. You will stop blogging when you realize that twenty blog posts after, all you’ve earned are a few measly dollars.

How to Blog for Profit

A few days ago, I wrote a few tips on how to blog for profit. As promised, here is the continuation of that post! Here are the rest of the 9 tips I promised. (Click here to read the previous tips.)

6. Install ads on your blog – but never go overboard. Ads may not help you a lot in terms of blogging for profit if your blog doesn’t get thousands of hits a day, but it does provide a steady flow of small cash. However, don’t install way too many ads – it makes your blog look cheap and you’ll never convert new readers into returning visitors. Extra tip: I recommend that you register on this site because this is where I earned $26 in just one month! Keep reading for the rest of the tips on blogging for profit.

7. Knowing how to blog for profit means not relying on ads or on sponsored posts alone. If you rely solely on ads for profit, then you will want to kill yourself when AdSense suddenly cuts you off even after you’ve followed all their rules. (There are many reasons, some not totally under your control, that can get your AdSense banned.) And if you rely solely on sponsored posts, your blog will be littered with do-follow links that will drain your blog of link juice. Never rely solely on one means of earning money from your blog.

8. Get a crash course in English if you want to know how to blog for profit. Many companies are looking to hire bloggers who are native English speakers. These companies pay top dollar for good bloggers. I remember getting paid $50 per blog post on one website. If you can’t write well in English, it’s time you took a refresher course in Grammar 101. (For example, here’s how to never confuse YOUR and YOU’RE ever again!)

9. Most importantly, stop thinking of just blogging for profit. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to earn from blogging, but don’t blog simply for the money! Yes, you might just earn the extra cash you need by doing that, but if you don’t love what you are doing, then every effort to blog, which you have to do regularly, becomes increasingly tedious. And if you hate blogging, you’ll soon stop – and you’ll never earn enough from it.

If you want a step-by-step guide on how to blog for profit, sorry, but there is none. There is no cookie-cutter answer. But one thing’s for sure: don’t just blog for the money. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t be a blogger – and one good reason is if you simply want to profit from blogging. Besides, blogging for profit gets sweet only if you actually love to blog! Otherwise, it becomes an arduous task – and in this day and age, you can always find something more lucrative to do, something that you actually love.

Last month, I earned about $26 from blog ads alone. It’s not a lot, but it’s not bad, considering how I only get a few page views everyday. I actually earned way more by writing blog posts for other sites and also by engaging in other blog-related tasks. How about you, do you know how to blog for profit? Do you earn hundreds of dollars a month through blogging? If you know more than I do, share your tips below!

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  1. I do blog for a living (money) and I am so proud of it. I am a stay at home mom, both my husband and I are jobless. We have three kids and blogging is my main source of income. So far, so good. I earn more than my day job before. But, just like I said in my previous posts in my blog, a person will never succeed in blogging if he/she doesn't have the passion to do it. I agree with you that money can't be the only motivation. You need more than that to bring in the money from your blogs.

    Dropping by from FB. ^_^

  2. Hi, Pinay Mommy! Thanks for dropping by. And thanks for giving fellow bloggers your personal account; it helps to hear from veteran bloggers like you who earn a lot from blogging. I could only wish to earn as much as you do! :)

  3. Informative :) I am impressed that you still find time to write and blog even if you are a doctor :) I hope you can also check out my site, too. Have a great day!