10 Tips on How to Find Writing Jobs

Monday, April 09, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 6 Comments

I’ve always wondered about how to find writing jobs when I first started writing. Where do all the successful and well-paid writers get their gigs? Today, I’m sharing ten tips on how to find writing jobs on a regular basis, would you want to read them?

Writing Jobs: Where To Find Them

Freelance writing is a relatively easy and stress-free, except for the fact that you do have to learn about how to find writing jobs on a regular basis. Looking for the first job is usually the toughest milestone to achieve because you do not have enough experience to build a writing portfolio.

How to Find Writing Jobs

But the lack of writing experience should not deter you from learning about how to find writing jobs! After all, there is a loophole – and you can build a writing portfolio even if you have never been hired as a professional writer before! I share those loopholes below.

Ten Tips on How To Find Writing Jobs

  • Initially get your writing published for free. If you’re thinking, “Free? No way!” then your pride is getting the better of you. Employers will take one look at your writing portfolio and they will see how many articles you have written. And if you’ve written zilch, then it’s time to get your work published on online platforms even if you don’t get paid. Yes, this investment is going to be worth it, believe me.
  • Learn to use freelance sites. Don’t snub outsourcing websites that other freelance writers use. Yes, there are way too many undercompensated tasks there, but there is always one employer who is willing to pay top dollar if the writer is worth it. I met many of my loyal clients on freelance sites and they’ve been paying for my services ever since.
  • Ask yourself this: if you were in an employer’s shoes, would you hire yourself? And be honest. If you answered no, what were your reasons? To learn about how to get writing jobs, think like a person trying to hire writers. Read on for seven more tips on how to get writing jobs.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. How is your grammar? Do you have the writing chops? How many referencing styles are you familiar with? Is there way too much room for improvement? This honest self-evaluation will make you realize your limitations so that eventually, you can overcome them.
  • Choose a writing niche. We live in a world of niches. Bloggers and writers thrive better in niches because competition is whittled down. Make sure you choose a niche you can actually write about.
  • Always have three things in hand: a convincing cover letter, a killer writing resume, and a writing portfolio. Save them on your laptop. Print them out and have them ready. On your first hunt for writing jobs, you will be doling them out like candies to children.
  • As a newbie writer, accept the fact that you just might have to start from scratch. That means being underpaid, overworked, and very hungry – unless you have the connections. I didn’t – and I had to start from the bottom. But from the bottom, there is no where else to go but up!
  • Send out applications to different writing agencies, online or otherwise. I sent out over a hundred applications before I bagged good-paying writing jobs. But my perseverance has paid off, and so will yours.
  • Join forums and subscribe to email groups for writers. If you want to know how to get writing jobs, connect with people of the same goals. Employers often contact forums for writers and post their job listings there. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • Have an online writing presence. Follow writers on their social networks. To be in the presence of other writers constantly serves to remind you about your goals and your dream job. When you follow other writers on Twitter or subscribe to their posts on Facebook, you read about their insights, experiences, and tips. In fact, you might want to follow me! I am on Facebook and Twitter. I am also quite open about how I became a health article writer – you might glean a few more lessons from my story.

Learn to play your strengths and be resourceful! Writers may be a dime a dozen, but there are also thousands of companies on the lookout for excellent writers. With some patience, you will find writing jobs regularly enough for you to earn a decent living.

It also helps to learn the difference between writing online and writing for print. I hope these 10 tips on how to find writing jobs have motivated you! Is there any question you would want to ask me? Leave a comment.

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  1. I have been doing some writing jobs through oDesk, an outsource site, or three years now. Jobs have been consistent since I started with them but I would still like to venture in other sources outside oDesk and freelancing sites. I am working to improve my blogs so that I can register in pay-per-post sites and get some writing gigs.

  2. It also helps to write for print publications. Try your hand at it. :)

  3. I shared this entry to my sister who does writing jobs often. :)

  4. Thanks, Winter, and I hope it's of help. :)

  5. I am inclined also to do some writing jobs but for now, i still have to improve my writing. Thanks doc for this helpful tips. My hectic schedule also hinders me to do so.

  6. Good luck, sir! Writing is a passion; it will keep haunting you until you can't help but give in! So, don't worry. If you love writing, the pen and paper will find you. :) Good luck to us!