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Thursday, April 19, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 9 Comments

Before you browse through other “wanted writer” ads, read this ad first. Are you an EXCELLENT writer who is willing to work from 3pm to 12mn, 5 days a week at a monthly salary of  about P35k?

Wanted Writer for BPO

If you are willing to work as a writer for a BPO at an office in Quezon City, then this just might be the job for you. My friend is looking for EXCELLENT writers (note the emphasis on "excellent") who are interested in this “wanted writer” listing. Read more details after the jump.

If you are a writer with great writing skills and an excellent grasp of English grammar, please submit your resume, portfolio, and letter of intent through my email, contact at stefdelacruz dot com. Or if you have anyone in mind who might be interested, please share this listing with them.

Please don’t apply unless you can write in perfect English. I will screen all applications; interested writers will be given 15 minutes to write a great composition based on a picture I’ll show them as I chat with them online. So, if your English is subpar, my apologies.

Wanted Writer: Details

Just to repeat the information, there is a “wanted writer” ad listing by a BPO. This information was shared by my friend. They are looking for an excellent writer who is willing to work 5 days a week, from 3pm to 12 midnight. The salary is at around PhP35,000 monthly. Interested writers should know the basics of writing web content.

If you are a shoe-in for this “wanted writer” advertisement, then contact me now! Feel free to share this “wanted writer” ad listing with your other writer friends as well. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. Don’t forget to like my page, Stef dela Cruz on Facebook, if you want instant Facebook updates on other writer and blogger tasks. You might also want to read this blog post: Wanted: Health Article Writer.

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Stef dela Cruz is a vegan doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She is the editor of The Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine. Get in touch if you want to invite her as a speaker!


  1. Hi, can this position be home-based?

  2. Sorry, as mentioned in the above blog post, you need to go to work in QC. If you know of any writers who are interested, let them know about this ad listing. Thanks!

  3. what's the topic of the write-ups? any topic?

  4. Sorry, but I can't say what the topics are. I wasn't told what exactly the writer would be writing about, except that it would be a job listing for web content writing. :)

  5. Emailed you. :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. This might be rather late, but I'm not sure I know the "basics of writing web content". I think I'm a pretty good writer though and I maintain a blog. Do you think I have a shot at all?

  7. There is a big difference between writing online articles vs. print articles. It's great that you're a good writer! But there are also other good writers who know the ins and outs of web content writing - and they will have that important edge of actually meeting the job requirements, sad to say. :(

    But thanks for your interest. I'll be posting more job listings soon so just subscribe to my blog or <a href="http://www.facebook.com/stefdelacruzmd>find me on Facebook</a>. :)

  8. Hmmm... that was a bit unresponsive, considering an overwhelming majority of my writing is done online. But I think I get your point. Thanks anyway. :)

  9. Just realized I made an error parsing the code in my comment above, hehe.

    Anyway, Liquiddruid, I'm sorry you feel there was a lack of response - I did reply to your comment above, didn't I? I also did clarify that it has to be someone who knows what web content writing actually is. Although you do a lot of your writing online, if you don't know web content writing basics, then there's going to be a problem. :/

    I myself have been writing online for four years but only found out about meta tags, the use of headings and subheadings, the difference between keyword density and saturation, and many other web content writing basics about a year ago. I realized that writing online articles is very different from writing print articles indeed!

    And to all interested participants, although it might take time for me to reply formally to all your emails (there are many!), I will reply - even to comments here on my blog. So if you feel that you do meet the requirements I posted above, contact me! And good luck!