What Coffee Causes Weight Loss?

Friday, April 13, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 5 Comments

Important Update: The study referenced in this blog post has been retracted from the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal. The FTC found anomalies in the study – read this for more details.

People have always assumed that coffee causes weight loss. But that assumption has always been just that: an assumption – until now, that is. So, what coffee causes weight loss?

coffee mugsI love coffee, which is why I have four different coffee mugs.
But it’s just lately that I found out about the type of coffee that can cause weight loss!

Just this year, a study announced that a certain type of coffee can cause weight loss. If you are wondering what coffee causes weight loss, read on – I know you can’t wait to find out.

What coffee causes weight loss?

There are many types of coffee, all of which may have different aromas and tastes. But one study has shown that there is a certain type of coffee shown to cause weight loss. Here are the findings of the study to help you learn about what coffee can cause weight loss.

  • The best coffee for weight loss is made of green coffee beans. Yes, green coffee beans have been shown to cause weight loss. They are prepared in pretty much the same way as other types of coffee: ground, brewed, and enjoyed as a fresh cup of coffee. Read on and find out why you don’t need to eat less to lose weight if you use green coffee beans.
  • With green coffee, you will lose weight at an average of one kilo per month. In the study, those receiving green coffee actually lost a lot of weight, ranging from around 6 to 10 kilograms of weight loss after about five months. That’s more than one kilogram of weight loss per month, at an average of more than 15 pounds of weight loss overall! And for your convenience, if you use green coffee beans for weight loss, you may lose an average of 10 percent of your body weight right now.
  • Green coffee beans make you lose weight even without changes in your diet. Yes, you got that right! This finding is going to make green coffee beans the next “it” thing in dieting. You get to lose weight without having to eat less! Green coffee beans are a thing of beauty. Take note, however, that the participants in the study were all physically active and did not stare at the computer for hours on end (unlike you and me).
  • Green coffee also reduces the amount of fat in the body. When you use green coffee beans for weight loss, you don’t just lose overall weight. You also become leaner; that is, your percent body fat is reduced. In the study, participants lost about 2 to 6 percent body fat in about five months. That’s not a bad thing to happen from a daily cup of coffee, I’d say.
  • To lose weight from green coffee beans, enjoy one cup daily. It’s almost hard to believe that all you need to lose weight is take one cup of coffee made from ground green coffee beans. Participants in the study lose more weight when they were given more coffee, showing that weight loss was indeed due to their coffee intake.

Now that you know what coffee causes weight loss, you might want to know what green coffee is. You might also be curious about why they cause weight loss, and if it’s the caffeine content that causes the weight loss, yes?

To understand why green coffee causes weight loss and to find out where to get your own green coffee beans, read this article on how green coffee causes weight loss. Visit my Facebook page as well for more health updates. And share this article with your overweight friends and relatives; help them live a healthier life!

In case you didn’t read the warning at the top of this article: The study referenced in this blog post has been retracted from the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal. The FTC found anomalies in the study – read this for more details.

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  1. i love coffee too pero i think di ko talaga masyado kaya ang coffee in the long run. i'm a tea baby though. :)

    dropping by, ate stef. :)

  2. I can't drink too much coffee, either - I palpitate like I'm jogging or something. I heard that the green coffee bean extract is bitter, so I wonder if the coffee is any good. (Roasted coffee is a little bitter, anyway, if it isn't served with milk or cream.)

    Thanks for dropping by, Athena! :)

  3. I'm a coffee drinker but haven't tried any green bean coffee. I have now focused on coffee that lessens the electricity consumption and lengthens the fuel use. :) Oh, it also causes weight loss. Check my latest post. :)

  4. hi steph

    So many things to talk about coffee.
    Maybe 10% coffee drinkers , like me , can take coffee in the evening, hassle free; Why ? coz fast metabolism of cafeine, and endogenous production of anxiolytic molecule: great , i like having coffee at the dinner


  5. i have forgotten: in Paris starbucks mug, nearly get the nirvana