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Saturday, May 12, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 5 Comments

About five days ago, I started a Blog Giveaway on Facebook for my beloved readers and friends. I’m giving away a PhP500 Gift Certificate from Ristras Mexican Grill to one lucky winner after my Facebook page reaches 300 “likes”. Today, I get to announce the WINNER of my blog giveaway!

Again, here is a recap of what participants need to do to participate in the contest – and at the end of the post, I’m announcing the WINNER!

Blog Giveaway on Facebook

In five days, my page finally reached 300 “likes”. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! And for the sake of fairness, I am revealing how I came up with the winner (which I shall announce in a little bit).

For my very first blog giveaway on Facebook, I decided to use a randomizer to arrive at a winner. First, I collated all the entries and randomized them using a randomizer.

Randomized List

There are ten entries all in all. That means there is a ten percent chance of winning the Ristras Mexican Grill gift certificate! Not bad, given how the prize is a PhP500 gift certificate for burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and any other Mexican food on the menu. Yum! For instance, there’s the Godzilla Burrito offered by Ristras Mexican Grill – it weighs 2.5 kilos! Take a peek at what the restaurant has to offer in my announcement of the Blog Giveaway on Facebook.

The entries were then randomized and given a number each, as you can see in the list below. Read on and find out who won!

Blog Giveaway Entries

Then, I used a randomizer to come up with a random number. The random number will coincide with the WINNER of this blog giveaway on Facebook! And the random number is… drum roll, please…

Winning Number

It’s number 4, corresponding to the fourth entry in the randomized list above. That means the winner of my blog giveaway on Facebook is Stew Art! Congratulations! It looks like you really deserve to win the gift certificate. Open-mouthed smile 

I will send a message to the winner of the blog giveaway via Facebook. Also, I’m giving away more prizes (PhP1000 gift certificate from another restaurant), accessories from an internationally-renowned Filipino designer, and beauty products worth over PhP2000, in the coming weeks. So make sure you’re update via my Facebook page – find me there and like the page! Again, thank you for participating in my blog giveaway! Given the prizes and the number of contest entries, you have way more chances of winning here than in Lotto. Laughing out loud

Stef dela CruzAbout the blogger
Stef dela Cruz is a vegan doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She is the editor of The Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine. Get in touch if you want to invite her as a speaker!


  1. oh, great! at least I'm on the top 10! haha. I always wonder how raffle copter works, or how bloggers choose their winners. I also wish to win online contest for the fun of it, because apparently, I haven't won yet. haha. Congrats to your winner miss Stef! and more followers to come! :D

  2. WOOOOT! :) Thanks Stef, who knew I'd win?! (my stomach apparently) hahaha

    Thank you very much! My wife would be very happy to "pig-out" on Mexican food. I heard Mexican are the rage these days, what with Jessica Sanchez being in the top 3 of American Idol. :)

    Thanks again and more power to your very informative and helpful blog :)

  3. oohh nice :)
    im currently having a blog giveaway.
    i hope you can join :)

  4. Beyond Praise, congrats for making it to the top ten, ha ha. :) Actually, I have more online contests for my blog and Facebook page soon, so make sure to join them! Given the odds of this recent contest (ten percent chance of winning), you are bound to win one of the prizes soon. :)

    SWN, congrats for winning the GC! Will send it to you via courier next week. And nice segue about Jessica Sanchez, LOL :)

    April, you're having a blog giveaway yourself? Good for you!

  5. wow i want this giveaways:) hope i win :)