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Well, what do you know, there’s a Google PageRank update for May 2012! Check the PageRank of your website now and find out if there’s good news or bad news for your site. And you might want to read a few facts about Google PageRank, plus the story of how my two-month-old blog has jumped to PageRank 2!

Google PageRank: What It Is

Google PageRank, fondly known by bloggers and web masters as PR, is a number from 0 to 10 denoting the online reputation of your website. Every so often, Google updates the PageRank mechanism to make sure that PRs dynamically represent the activity of a site.

If your site has not yet been indexed by Google, it has a PageRank of N/A, or Not Applicable. Once it has been indexed, it becomes a PageRank 0 blog. If your new blog has a PR of 0, congratulations, you have joined the roster of websites recognized by Google! But for Google to see your site as reputable and trustworthy, you have to invest more in your readers. The higher the number of your PageRank, the greater the trustworthiness and reputation. This is why Google always makes sure their website gets a PageRank 10.

Google PageRank: Does It Influence Search Engine Results?

Yes and no. Having a high PageRank means you are more likely to get your site’s pages indexed on the first page of the search results. However, the ranking of the individual pages of your website or blog will also depend on different factors, including the relevance of your keywords in relation to your site.

For instance, even if you have a high PageRank, if you blog about cancer but your website is about internet games, then that blog post is less likely to have a high ranking in search engine results.

However, bloggers are asked to focus on other things aside from PageRank, as PageRank is supposedly a less important factor in getting your pages ranked in search engine results. Speaking of PageRank, my blog just got a PageRank boost! Continue reading and see tips on how to improve your PageRank.

Google PageRank Update: May 2012

The latest Google PageRank update occurred on May 2012. Before this date, the PageRank update occurred last February, three months ago. And three months before that, PageRank was also updated on November. Perhaps we can expect another update every three months, although this is just speculation.

Recently, Google Panda updates have been instituted, with major PageRank changes happening all across the blogosphere. The focus was once again on good content, instead of just efforts at SEO. In fact, many SEO techniques that have worked in the past are now seen as black hat SEO practices. For instance, link exchanges can now hurt your blog. There are many other reasons as to why Google Panda can hate your blog, all of which point to one thing: your blogs should be useful to your readers.

How To Check Google PageRank

You can check the PageRank of your website or blog by going to PR Checker. Enter the URL of your blog and your most recent PageRank will show up. Just a word of caution: as of this day, Google has a PageRank of 9, which means that they are most likely to update the PageRank algorithm to ensure that their website gets a PR10. In other words, don’t expect PRs to be stable right now.

How To Get A High PageRank

To get a high PageRank, focus on making good content. Of course, this is a great topic for another article, so check back soon and I shall post more tips on how to create good content for your readers. You might want to learn about how to deal with negative blog comments and read on the 7 deadly sins of blogging – just so you learn about investing in your readers instead of merely your PageRank.

PageRank 2

I would also like to personally thank all the readers and fellow bloggers who have supported my blog! This blog is just about two months old, having been started last March 2012, and already it is officially a PageRank 2 website as of the Google PageRank update on May 2012! I am very grateful for your support! Find me on Facebook, too, if you like what you’ve read here today and want more updates from me.

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  1. I got a 2 as well! :) Thanks for the information on this blog post! :)

  2. Wow, congrats to you! Cheers to good content! :)

  3. Thanks! Congrats to us!

    True story: didn't know about PR until I guested on Stanley's show. :P

    hahaha :P

  4. Congrats, MetalPig! Oh, and I like the name of your company, so intriguing. :)

    SWN, hahaha! We learn something new everyday, and that's a good thing. What's even better is that you have a PR2 blog now and you didn't even try! I hope you enjoyed your interview with Stanley - I couldn't have done what you did; I freak out in front of the camera. o_O

  5. Doc, how old is this blog btw?

  6. Hi, Itin! This blog is less than two months old. My first post was published on March 19. :)

  7. Wow, congrats on the PR2! :D Mine is still stuck at PR1. I'll start rewriting my old posts with duplicates >.<

  8. Just now, I noticed a few of my pages have gone up and down a point. New pages now have a PR value, so I'm guessing there's a pagerank update going on now. Thanks for update us.

  9. It's also worth noting that the Page Rank for your homepage is not the PR for the whole blog. Each page in your blog or website gets its own individual PR. (thus "page" rank)

    If you check your older and well linked-to posts, they most likely have a good PR possibly different from the homepage's.