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Monday, September 08, 2014 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

I shall love writing for the rest of my life. I shall never run out of words – at least, not those of the written sort.

I shall write to aid, inform, or correct. I shall never aim solely to hurt or offend. If my words carry a negative message, may they be for the purpose of inciting a positive change.

I shall write with an open mind, supporting my beliefs with facts, and basing these facts on evidence. If I have no proof, I shall tread carefully.

I shall keep my mind stimulated. Reading and observing are part of the job description – they will become my responsibility.

I shall keep honing my skill, learning not only from experience, but also from continued research.

I shall never rest on my laurels. Today’s good work is tomorrow’s old news.

I shall listen to my editor. After all, he does the dirty work and cleans up my mess for me.

I shall not accept bribes. Receiving payment for a job well done is a necessary part of my living, but getting paid to have my previous opinions overturned or scrapped is not acceptable.

I shall submit on or before my deadline. But if doing so is unrealistic and is going to lessen the worth of my work, I will opt not to meet the deadline. Instead, I shall submit as early as I possibly can without compromising my work’s quality.

I shall get paid according to how I see fit. If a compromise is necessary, I shall entertain it – but I shall always bear in mind my worth during negotiations.

I shall not fall prey to others’ perceived truths. They have a right to their own opinion, but so do I. However, I shall listen to what others have to say. As a writer, my mind shall be a sponge of ideas.

I shall never copy other people’s work. If I do, I shall do it with their permission and I shall always cite my sources. I shall remember that transparency will earn me my readers’ trust.

I shall try with earnest to fulfill the above promises. But if I fail, I shall make amends, seek a resolution, learn from my mistake, and move on.

Stef dela Cruz


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This manifesto was written on May 17, 2012.

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  1. I love this. It has inspired me to finish my article today. SO STRONG! Good luck, you're good!