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Monday, July 30, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 8 Comments

Sometimes, a writer’s Muse goes on vacation and he has nowhere to draw inspiration from. When this happens and writing about even the easiest topic becomes a tedious, nearly-impossible task, how does a writer get inspired?

If you want to know how writers get inspired, take comfort in knowing that even the best writers become uninspired once in a while. How about you, have you ever found yourself procrastinating because you didn’t know how on earth you’d start your article? Do you sometimes find yourself incapable of meeting deadlines? Maybe your lateness is a symptom of the dreaded writer’s block – and maybe it’s time you found out how to get out of that rut.

How To Get Inspired To Write

So, here’s how writers get inspired – at least, it’s how I do. Perhaps your life is more interesting and it holds more unpredictable elements than mine; either way, use your life as a well of ideas. But that advice is too general; below are more specific suggestions that just might push you out of your writer’s burnout.

  • Take pictures. Taking pictures may seem to have nothing to do with writing at first, but it does. Do you want to know how to get inspired to write? Then, you need to master the art of feeling alive. Taking good pictures is one way of being “in the moment”.

    Taking Pictures for Inspiration
  • Get some fresh air. Don’t say it works until you’ve tried it. We are constantly bombarded by stimuli from the Internet, television, radio, and smart phones that we no longer reap the benefits of silence. Try leaving your room for a second, staring out the window, and shutting out the world; it just might be the key that opens the door of creativity in your mind.
  • Pet an animal. There is no better inspiration than life itself. And if you can’t find inspiration as a writer from your own life, try looking into an animal’s. You’ll be surprised how a cute, furry cat – or a big, threatening bear – can suddenly shake you out of your laziness.
  • Keep pushing. Have you even tried to start writing your article in the first place? As a health article writer, I have to constantly do research and yes, it does get tiring. Sometimes, I don’t feel like writing at all. I immediately assume that I am uninspired when in fact, I’m just being lazy. I realize that fact whenever I push myself to type the first sentence – and I find myself finishing an entire article under thirty minutes. Maybe that’s something you should do, too.
  • Have a break. Maybe you’re spreading yourself too thing. Writers sometimes have to deal with a lot of assignments and writing nonstop does give you brain drain. Try taking a break frequently, like every 30 minutes. Stop even when you’re in the zone – this keeps you from burning out too soon.

Make sure you can also alternate your tasks so that you can write different types of stories and articles everyday. Sticking to one niche just might wear you out and the lack of novelty might even bore you. I myself am constantly writing for a column and it sometimes puts me in a rut, which is why I take on other writing tasks, too.

Are you not a health article writer? Then try writing an article on important health issues. Have you never written about travel before? Start today. Now that you know how writers get inspired, maybe you are ready to read about how to find writing jobs! Don’t stop; keep the wheels turning and you’ll be fine.

If you are wondering how writers get inspired, you are not alone. Even the best writers run out of inspiration. But it takes patience and a little outside-the-box thinking to get your creative juices flowing once again. And if this article inspired you to write, don’t hesitate to click on the like button; that way, I’ll remain inspired to write! If you have suggestions to add, leave a comment.

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  1. These tips are true especially the third one. Whenever I feel exhausted from my writing jobs, hugging my dogs works wonders. :)

  2. It works for me, too. Whenever I feel tired or burnt out, I go to my cat for inspiration. I think the Muse sent my cat to me exactly for that purpose, hehe!

  3. Oh really!!!that's a great idea also but some says if she/he was very inspired regarding to her/his love-life,,,they usually make their own poem, stories,songs,and etc ,,,but in your article have a wide explanation are such a good writer also...may I guess ,,I think you have also your inspiration,,,Right?

  4. It's nice to rely on your love life for inspiration, but in my opinion, it's a volatile source of inspiration. :) Yes, it helps to have someone who gives you goose bumps in just the right ways, but there's also a lot of stuff we can use around us to give us inspiration! :)

  5. This reminded me of my days in school publications.. haha.. It'd always take me some time to finish my articles 'cause I sometimes suffer from lack of inspiration. This rarely happens now that I blog mostly about food though. I guess it's really quite easier if you have a specific niche.

  6. Once in a while, I still get stumped, Sumi. :) I'm very moody when it comes to writing - I have to be "in the zone" before I can write nonstop. But maybe it's because of my ADHD, so what usually applies to others don't really apply much to me in terms of attention span.

    You write so well. I love your food blog! Thanks for visiting my website. :)

  7. For my inspiration usually comes from reading stories of those who have been through difficult challenges and have risen above to accomplish the goals, especially if they have the same goals that I do. I love the under dogs who come up and take the win.

  8. That is wonderful insight, Jane. I remember how I usually try to recall my mother's journey from poverty to success - and it never fails to inspire me. Good suggestion!