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Sunday, July 22, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 15 Comments

Last July 21, 2012, I watched (and giggled) while The Bottomline with Boy Abunda was aired on ABS-CBN. I squirm every time I speak in public – and watching myself on TV as a bottom-liner for the show was no exception. (I was asked to come on the show as a blogger and physician.) SPOILER: I uploaded a snippet of the episode and you can watch it at the bottom of this post!

But having an opportunity to represent Filipino bloggers and be one of the seven bottom-liners for The Bottomline with Boy Abunda was an opportunity to conquer my stage fright, if only for one night. I was supposed to say no, as I previously wrote about what happens at The Bottomline behind the scenes. But my mom practically wrung my neck when I said I was going to decline! She said I should always say yes when something of that nature comes my way.

Stef dela Cruz on The Bottomline

We need to set limits. We need to know if we are overstepping our boundaries.

At The Bottomline with Boy Abunda, I said, “Stem cell research is a big ray of hope for people suffering from diseases without a cure. But we need to know if we are overstepping our boundaries.” There are many questions we need to ask ourselves when we are presented with an opportunity to clone different cells and clone an organ. If we can clone a whole human being, do we do it? Oh, but I must be boring you already, so let’s proceed.

The Bottomline: 5 Things I Learned On The Show

Anyway, here are five things I’ve learned from being a bottomliner at The Bottomline with Boy Abunda. They’re nothing world-shattering, really. But for a camera-shy blogger like me, they make a world of difference.

  • The camera does add ten pounds. I’ve always been on the skinny side. My parents think I’m too gangly and that I always look “starved”. But after my dad watched me on The Bottomline, he texted immediately to say, “You’re fat on television!” Bless my father for his honesty. Read on to watch a snippet of the episode.
  • Even really thick makeup looks pale on television. I remember asking the makeup artist if my makeup had to be that thick. He said I would look washed out if my makeup wasn’t thickly applied. Looking at my makeup on The Bottomline, I guess he was right.

    The Bottomline
  • A 30-minute TV show takes about four hours to shoot. As a blogger and writer, I had really tight deadlines the day of the shoot for The Bottomline but I agreed to come on the show, thinking the shoot would take two hours tops. But the wait, the interval before the camera starts rolling, and the actual taping took about four hours. Ah, deadlines, forgive me for not having met you.
  • The entire family (plus a few friends and maybe even some haters) will stay up late just to watch you on television. Lucky me, I don’t have too many haters. But so many friends stayed up late to watch that episode of The Bottomline and they were probably more excited than I was! My family also watched the episode together and, true to family tradition, they made a hundred comments on how my hair would have been better this way, or how my makeup would have been better that way, or how I should have chosen better clothes. Yes, families are more fun in the Philippines.
  • The bottom line of it all: we need to find out if we are overstepping our boundaries. The topic we discussed at The Bottomline revolved around stem cell research and therapy. It’s the hottest thing in the field of medicine because it just might offer a cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, HIV infection, and even cancer. But there are certain ethical issues that make this field of research very controversial. As stewards of this earth, we need to realize that we have limits. Unfortunately, we don’t always agree on how we define those limits.

SHAMELESS PLUG: CanShare, a cancer support group, is going to have its very own website! (Well, if TV shows can have shameless plugs, then this article should have them, too!)

For those who didn’t get to watch the episode, I uploaded a short snippet on YouTube to whet your appetite. Enjoy this video – and you can view more snippets of the show on my YouTube account.

Thank you to The Bottomline with Boy Abunda for having me on the show! I almost peed my pants from stage fright, but it was worth it! And to everyone who celebrated my five minutes of fame with me, I owe you all a fan sign. Ha, ha. Laughing out loud I might upload a few more snippets later, so check back on my Facebook page or visit my blog again in the future. Speaking of Facebook, don’t forget to hit the “like” button on this article, please and thank you!

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Stef dela Cruz is a vegan doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She is the editor of The Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine. Get in touch if you want to invite her as a speaker!


  1. Artista ka na, Doc Stef! Haha.. Dapat, Blogger/Physician/Actress na yan! Haha. Kidding. Well, I'm also interested with stem cell research, and I agree there are several ethical issues on it too. Hmmm.. I'm undecided, if I'll go for cure or not. Hmmm..

  2. Wow. Congrats Stef. :)

  3. Boy Abunda could have adjusted the studio's lighting or camera effects-computer manipulation whatever to highlight your ENLIGHTENING personas as guests. ABS-CBN sucks in that aspect.

  4. Ventocoseuss, yoiks I am very camera-shy! Hahaha! As for stem cell research, it's never a solid "good" or "bad" - it always depends on how it's done, what it's for, and all that. Try reading on it first before you make your decision, it will help you. :)

    Thanks, Eymard! I wonder if I know you in person. :)

    Itin, hahaha! As always, your comment is never boring. :) To be honest, the studio lighting was a little dim, but maybe that's how they wanted it. Maybe they wanted it to be mysterious. Even the backdrop used was dark - maybe it was deliberate?

  5. OMG congrats Stef! I've watched the replay:)

  6. oh...stem cell is the topic, so it is about a STEM that was in CELL, am I right? lol..hehehe...

    I'd heard this all the time on the tv and even on the radio, my position on this topic is that, we should use it on good and think before we act. if stem cell will bring a bad effect but not that too much, it should be better to find a solution to make it good. according to the news I'd heard, this will might be the cure for many illnesses today, so why not we use it?

    if they think that we could clone a man, yes we can, but we should think that their is a very important ingredient that we cannot give to that clone is the "soul". Remember, soul is not a mass, it's energy that human cannot create.

  7. I didn't know there was a replay, hehe! Was it on ABS-CBN or ANC? Anyway, thanks, everyone!

  8. congratulations!!! you look good and great as well! bravo for you dear! more! xx

  9. Thanks, Maryjane! I'm currently cutting the video into shorter snippets before I upload them to YouTube. :)

  10. Wow! National TV yan so hoooray Doc Stef!! Hey, ganyan din feeling ko bago isalang sa Suplado Show. Haha. It was not national TV pero parang ganun din ang feeling. Kahit dati na'ko sa play production at acting nung college at hosting when I was still teaching sa grade school, iba pa din talaga pag may camera na. Haha. Love it!!

  11. Thanks, Jingke Kolca! Yep I was deathly scared of cameras that night, hehe! Thanks for watching the episode (and not falling asleep) hehe! :)

  12. Great appearance! When I saw you first thing that came to my mind was I'm sure I know this person, she's an FBW.. Indeed I'm right! :)

  13. I remembered my biology subject in MST-Science when we were tasked to research about breakthroughs on the field of biology and the topic "stem cell research" is one of the interesting topics reported by my classmates.

  14. Yes, Rojae, I am a member of FBW. :) I love that group! *Shout-out to the administrators of FBW*

    Scolex, stem cell research will always be intriguing to us all. It opens up an opportunity to "change what should have been". It is definitely a promising field.