Manila International Book Fair 2012

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If you haven’t been to the Manila International Book Fair 2012 yet, please do yourself a favor and try it. Even if you have to do so just once. Please. You owe it to yourself, your family, your kids or nephews, and your friends. You’ll see what I mean. And to prove my point, I shall use my blogger skills to convince you.

But before I do, let me answer a few basic questions about the Manila International Book Fair, fondly known as MIBF to patrons such as myself. (I was surprised that I got these questions on my Facebook page after I posted a few photos of the MIBF Bookworms. MIBF has been here for 33 years and some still haven’t heard of it! Whew!)

What is the Manila International Book Fair?

It’s a really big book fair. Imagine more than a hundred bookstores in just one place. It’s that big, maybe even bigger. It occupies the entire SMX Convention Center. Yep, that big. If you’re a book blogger, this is going to be heaven on earth. Or purgatory – depending on whether you have the budget or not.

You find a lot of books (about half a million of them is my estimate) plus other stuff related to reading, like eBooks, bookmarks, notepads, and nice pens. Oh, and did I mention the major bookstores (National Bookstore, Goodwill, and Fully Booked) are selling their standard books at 20 percent off? I kid not. Other books are up to 80 percent off, maybe even more.


Bargain and Books:
my two favorite words. Mmm.

You also find rare books and publishers from other countries. Well, that’s why there’s “international” in “Manila International Book Fair”. That should give it away, obviously.

Where and when is the MIBF 2012 held?

Check out all the books at MIBF 2012 from September 12 to 16, 2012, 10 am to 8 pm, at the SMX Convention Center. You will need tickets to enter. See next question.

How much are the tickets for MIBF 2012?

Don’t worry, the tickets for Manila International Book Fair come cheap. But if you want to invite your entire barkada, you can always come to me for free tickets – I’m giving away 10 to 20 tickets!

Just tweet what you like about Stanley Chi’s MIBF Bookworm video! (The bookworms, namely Carlos Celdran, Stanley Chi, Ramon Bautista, and Tado Jimenez, are doing their best to hard-sell reading in this age of Internet laziness. Kudos to these brave folks!) I’m giving away the tickets to just one lucky winner, so you better think of the best 140-character reason as to why Stanley Chi’s video is da bomb!

MIBF Bookworms

Anyway, don’t forget to tag me on Twitter, @stefdelacruzmd , for me to know you actually want free tickets. I’ll be there the entire day tomorrow (September 15), so tweet like a bird, my friend!

And in my next blog post, I share with you all the goodies I bought for myself from the MIBF 2012. Yeah, I’m kinda broke now, but at least I have gorgeous books to make me happy in the next few weeks. Winking smile Get in touch with me on Twitter if you want tickets, okay? See you at the Manila International Book Fair 2012! (Whew, that was a mouthful.)

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