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And before December 2012 is over, I have more blogger writing jobs for you! Again, let me remind you that I’m not affiliated with any of these companies. It’s safe enough to send them an email saying you’re interested in their blogger wanted ad, but please don’t agree to doing bulk blog entries without interval payments, okay?

There’s a variety of blogger job ads here, ranging from the completely paranoid to the wonderfully techie, so read through them and see if you spot one that’s just right for you. For instance, there is one company looking for a video editor who wants to blog.

Video Blogger Jobs

I also have a listing of photo blogger wanted ads, in case you fit the bill.

Blogger Job Ads for December 2012

These blogger jobs are all dated December 2012, by the way, so none of them are stagnant job ads. All these tasks are telecommute, of course. Make sure you follow the instructions in filing for an application or your email will be ignored. And please don’t keep these ads all to yourself; share them with your blogger friends!

  1. If you’re the paranoid type and you think there’s often some sort of conspiracy behind any event worthy of the news, then you’re probably the blogger that Top Secret Writers is looking for. If you can write objective yet thought-provoking blog articles revolving around conspiracy theories in any part of the world, try your hand at this blogging job. Send your application to this email and make sure to include links to your online work. Explain why you are exactly whom they’re looking for. When you’re hired, you will be asked to blog about a couple of times weekly, with each entry about 800 words long. Payment is at $30 per submitted blog post!
  2. Video and movie editors, here’s your chance to start blogging for money! Apply to AudioMicro by sending them an email. Please don’t forget to include three links to your online articles. You may also include the URLs of your blog, Twitter, YouTube, FB, and LinkedIn account if you want. If you have a resume, you can copy and paste it right into the email – no attachments, please! Payment is at $40 per blog entry.
  3. Are you a blogger with limited mobility? Or perhaps you have a loved one who does. If you or your loved one is currently using a pair of crutches, a wheelchair, or is learning to handle any kind of mobility problem, this blogging job just might be for you. Go to this website and sign up to get accepted. Payment is conditional: you will get paid $10 only if your entry is voted to the front page.

I’ll be posting more blogger writing jobs pretty soon! If you want immediate updates, you can subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Did you see the blogging job with your name on it yet?

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