Dear Blogger, Is Your SEO Obsolete?

Thursday, December 20, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 3 Comments

Are you an SEO writer? Have you paid a writer to make SEO articles for you in the past? If you’re obsessed with SEO articles and you’re bleeding out of your ears from calculating keyword densities, then let me give you heads-up: your SEO may be obsolete.

You can’t fool Google’s search engine anymore – at least, you can’t fool it the way you USED to.

Things have changed, thanks to Google Panda updates. Stuffing a blog post with a gazillion keywords is no longer going to do it.

Dear blogger, is your SEO obsolete? Be honest.

And forget about exchanging links; link exchanges hurt blogs more than they help. Did you really think a wonderfully complex search engine algorithm isn’t going to see past your link building schemes?


It’s so easy to figure out which bad bloggers have been trying to climb the search engine hierarchy, plotting amongst themselves, and helping each other out. Just find out which ones have links to each others’ blogs and boom, there you have it!

  • Let me clarify: There’s nothing wrong with helping another blogger. But if you want to be partners (or be in cahoots, to be more accurate) just to give a substandard blog a higher ranking, then you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons.
  • Are you still engaging in link exchanges? Do you still ask fellow bloggers to link back to your blog in exchange for a backlink from yours? Please, don’t. Why not focus your energy on writing good blog posts instead?
  • There are many reasons why Google hates your blog. It’s important for you to to find out how to write a good blog post, not just how to optimize your blog.
  • The influx of “cheating” blogs has increased in the past few years because of the extra income blogs give. Many love blogging for profit. But as good bloggers, we owe our readers good blog posts! It follows, doesn’t it?
  • Let’s not trick search engines into loving our blogs. And let’s not trick readers into visiting our blog posts! Instead, let’s focus on converting new visitors into loyal readers. To do that, you need to write good blog posts. (I’m going to say that over and over until you get it.)

Focusing on SEO isn’t bad. But if you’re relying way too much on SEO, then the quality of your blog entries will suffer. New SEO, in one phrase, is this: a well-written blog post. No kidding.

Now, you know why your SEO is obsolete. Move on from the SEO practices of yore and join the enlightened bloggers of today. Learn to write well, brush up on your grammar, do your research, learn the difference between you’re and your, and start giving other bloggers a run for their money.

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Stef dela Cruz is a vegan doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She is the editor of The Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine. Get in touch if you want to invite her as a speaker!


  1. Agreed! Too many bloggers these days are too obsessed with dropping their links to syndication groups on Facebook. I realized that it only took me 2 months with 4 blog posts to get a pagerank 2 after setting up. That's not to sound airy, but it's just the way it is. I guess Google rewards bloggers who spends time writing for unique content more than those with a lot of comments or too many links in the blogroll.

  2. Like your post and I agree like me I much like my blog to be organic. That other bloggers must do also. So even I have barok barok english for some perfect people out there at least I am writing my own blog post.

    Corrine Emata

  3. Itin, I admit, I sometimes get on with syndication. But I don't want to depend on it forever, so yes, it's not something that can sustain a blog's relevance!

    Corrinne, thank you for dropping by! We all have our reasons for blogging. As long as we remain true to those reasons, we will not be led astray. :)