Writer Wanted December 2012

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Here I go again, sharing “writer wanted” ads, in case anybody’s interested! In the past, I shared ads for photographer-bloggers, as well as blogger jobs this December 2012. But today, I’m sharing an ad for fellow writers.

If you’re looking for an easy writing gig, this is it! Check it out and find out if it’s the kind of writing stint you are willing to try.

Wanted: Writer (December 2012)

Looking for a writing stint can be tough. But once in a while, you get tips from friends about writing jobs! Here’s a “writer wanted” job ad you might want to check out.

wanted writer

A company is looking for a writer who will be working for at least two weeks to one month. The salary for a monthly contract is PhP15,000. The salary for a two-week contract is PhP7,500. The writer is supposed to write about 1,000 to 1,500 words everyday. There’s a possibility for a long-term contract, depending on the reliability and performance of the writer.

Writing tasks are easy, revolving around basic descriptions and gaming instructions. The chosen writer will be asked to play a short game and describe the game in a few words. At least, that’s what majority of the job asks from you. (Game addicts, here’s your chance to earn from playing games!)

The job is flexible; if you don’t want to work everyday, you can always adjust your work schedule, as long as you finish an average of 1,000 to 1,500 words a day. For instance, you can skip Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of the week, you have to make up for the 2,000 to 3,000 words you didn’t write during those two days.

Requirements include a good internet connection. Meeting deadlines is also another strict requirement. This is a work-at-home opportunity; no need to commute everyday, whew! However, you must have a bank account because you will be paid via bank deposit.

Of course, your English will matter a whole lot. If you speak English well and you think you can commit to at least 2 weeks of work, write to worldwidewriters at yahoo dot com and send them your writing portfolio. You can say you read about their ad here on my website! Oh, and don’t forget to mention which contract you’re interested in (either the two-week or the one-month contract).

There are only two writing positions, so hurry! And check back soon for “writer wanted” ads. I know the job doesn’t pay much, but it’s a start. Here’s a tip: write a killer cover letter! It’s how many companies judge your writing skills. I’ll cross my fingers for you! Good luck!

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