Inviting All Cancer Warriors in the Philippines!

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Allow me to tap my doctor roots. I’m inviting all cancer warriors and survivors to attend a morning of holistic healing this January 26, 2013! If you’re tired and stressed, perhaps it’s time for you to listen to violins, watch beautiful dancers perform onstage, relax to the voice of talented singers, and look at different pieces in an art exhibit.

You’ll experience all that when you come to Art, Music, and Dance for Life: Holistic Approach to Cancer Healing.

Cancer Warriors Are Cordially Invited!

If you’re just craving for a day of relaxation that will relieve your stress, this is the event for you. I’m inviting all CanShare members – I hope everyone makes it!

IMPORTANT: Please take note that this is an RSVP event – that means you should confirm your attendance before you come to ensure that you will be included in the head count.

Event Program

Just to give you a preview of what you’ll experience on that day, here are some of the activities highlighted in their program.


This event will be held at Asian Hospital in Alabang, Muntinlupa on January 26, 2013, Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

Lunch will be served, so don’t worry about getting hungry from the long trip to the south! Of course, make sure you don’t leave home without having had a big breakfast.

To orient you, here’s a sketch of where Asian Hospital is. (Obviously, I borrowed the map from Avida Towers.) This is a rough map of how to get to Asian Hospital in Alabang. Click on it to see the larger image.

Asian Hospital Map

The next map is from Google, showing you the different streets and highways going to Asian Hospital.


This event would not have been possible without Asian Hospital and Medical Center, The Ruth Foundation, Project Pink, and the Cancer Institute Foundation. And hello to Andy Licaros, Dr. Joseph Barril, and Dr. Lito Rosas!

All cancer warriors are invited to this fun morning of art, song, and dance! If you want to join me and fellow doctor advocates, please contact me via or through any of my social network accounts. But PLEASE don’t expect me to dance or sing, okay? See you there!

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