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Thursday, April 25, 2013 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Are you into hip hop? If you’re also a blogger, then you might as well blog about hip hop music! A website is looking for bloggers who will be more than happy to do that – and they’re willing to pay you for your efforts.

Hip hop blogger wanted

The website, What’s Hot In Hip Hop, focuses on the newest, best, and hottest in the world of hip hop, and even rhythm & blues. (but of course!). If you’re “in the know” and you’d love to review different songs or albums, write new bits, or sniff out rumors about hip hop artists, then this job is perfect for you!

Wanted Hip Hop Blogger: Job Details

If you love listening to R&B or hip hop music and you happen to be a snazzy blogger, it’s time that you sent in your application as they are looking for bloggers! But please don’t ask me how much you’ll get paid for this; I can only guess!

It’s probably up to you and your editor to decide on your price. I bet it boils down to how much experience you’ve had, how much you know about blogging, how much you know about the scene, and how competitive your prices are. Or who knows? Maybe they pay big bucks and all you have to do is ask!

Just make sure you’re really into hip hop or R&B. If you aren’t, you’ll end up looking for videos and music that you don’t really dig. And seriously, you don’t want to be up to your neck in music you can’t stand.

If you’re up to the task, prepare your resumes and cover letters and tell the company why you’re perfect for the job! Put on your imaginary B-boy gear and get in the groove; send all you’ve got to What’s Hot In Hip Hop!

And in case you get chosen as the website’s newest hip hop blogger, do let me know. I love reading your success stories. You know me, I root for bloggers. Smile Oh, and if you’re looking for more blogger jobs, do drop by the job board and you’ll see all the latest listings there. You can also find me on Facebook as I notify everyone there of new listings.

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