NMAT Results for April 2013 Exams

Sunday, April 28, 2013 Stef dela Cruz 18 Comments

A little bird told me that the NMAT results are up! If you took the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) on April 7, 2013, you can check right here on my website if you passed! Read on to find out how to check your NMAT test scores for April 2013.

I would just like to clarify that there is no “passing” score when it comes to the NMAT. However, medical schools set a cut-off score. For instance, my Alma Mater, the University of Santo Tomas, set an NMAT cut-off percentile score of 75 for women and 65 for men.

NMAT results April 2013

The higher your NMAT percentile score, the higher your standing. For more details on how to understand NMAT results, you can read about what NMAT scores mean. And if you want to check your NMAT scores online, you can enter your information below and you’ll instantly get your test results!

NMAT Results for April 2013

If you want to check your NMAT score during the April 7, 2013 exams, please prepare your test slip – that’s the piece of paper that was given to you when you applied for the test. If you lost it, too bad! You won’t be able to check your scores online.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find out your test scores. The Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. makes sure that all those who took the NMAT received a hard copy of their test results via snail mail – that’s actually how I found out that I got a percentile score of 99+. You won’t believe how much I jumped up and down that day!

But I digress. If you did lose that application form, you can still get a hold of your NMAT results in two ways:

  1. Wait for the snail mail. If you get a high score, keep it for posterity. And good job for doing well in the NMAT!
  2. Inform the Center for Educational Measurement office that you lost your application form. In case you lost your application form and you can’t wait for the snail mail, here’s the next best thing: Send them a message or drop by their main office to tell them that you lost your papers. After they verify your identity, you will get a copy of your NMAT results.

But if you do have your application form with you, fill out the form below to find out if you passed the NMAT that you took on April 2013. You can even use the same form to take a look at your previous NMAT results, if any – as long as you have your application forms from past exams.

To use the form below, just choose the date when you took your NMAT, then enter your application number. Click on the “next” button. Good luck!

So, what’s your score? Do you think you did great on the test? If you have no idea what your NMAT percentile rank means, then perhaps I can be of help. Click on the link below for the basics of NMAT: what it means, what it stands for, and why future doctors have to take it in the first place.

Understand your NMAT score
and find out if you passed.

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  1. I recently just tried to check my score online with the picture you have above requesting test date and application number. It did not give me my score instead it gave me an error reading "You have entered an invalid application number.". Also is the application number the same number we get after applying and put on our test when taking it? Any suggestions on how to get my score? Thanks.


  2. Hi, JB! That's unfortunate. I'm checking online testimonials and others have already accessed their April 2013 NMAT scores. I believe there's only one application number - and yes, it's supposed to be the one on your application form.

    If you're still having trouble with your online scores, perhaps it's best to contact the Center of Educational Measurement. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the info. Just a couple more info does it matter if I am international (from US)? I also chose the option for results "To be picked up personally". Would that somehow hinder me from getting results online? Thanks!


  4. Although you are from the U.S., as long as you took the NMAT here, then you're supposed to be able to access your results. Also, the option "to be picked up personally" refers to the hard copy - people get to choose between snail mail and pickups. So no, these things aren't supposed to lead to an error message. But then again, I can be wrong. :)

  5. My friend could not access her score too. Has the result really been posted already?

  6. Hi. I also checked online following your instructions but received the same error. I wonder what's up?

  7. I have the same dilemma. I, too, can't access my test results. It says I have entered an invalid application number.

  8. Sir, maybe their site is overloaded with all aspirants of their nmat result, sites have bandwith and you may try later because the site is mall to accommodate all who took the exam. I also took up nmat and can't access my application number like you do. There is only one application number on the side of your nmatidentification form. Thanks. Good luck to us.

  9. Ive seen my nmat and it's only 78 while my blockmates got 90+ tho they were 1st takers like me. :(( I cried a lot.

  10. Guys, try entering your application numbers now! I think the results are up and the glitches have been fixed. Chiqui Anne here has already seen her NMAT scores online, and so have her friends. Go, go, go! And good luck!

  11. I got an 88. I want to get into ust since it's a good school and i sepdn grade school and high school in ust. Will i be able to get in even though my score is only 88?

  12. Hi, Camille! Although you meet the NMAT cut-off, that doesn't necessarily guarantee your entry into UST. There are many other things the admission committee will look at before they give you the green light. Of course, a high NMAT percentile score helps! Good luck.

  13. Hi Doc Stef! Thank you for your tips! I got a percentile score of 98!

    Godbless you!


  14. Wow, that's good news! Congratulations! I'm so happy that my tips have helped you - and I'm sure you deserve your score with or without my help anyway. :)

  15. I have been to med school last 2002-2004 if i continue do i still need to take nmat again? Tnx doc....

  16. Hello, metalmonkey! Please ask your school/ university regarding their admission and enrollment policies. I believe they are the better authority when it comes to answering your query. Good luck!

  17. Are the Nov 2013 results out? I can't access the results and it keeps showing the "invalid application number" warning on top, although the drop down box shows the options for the november exam dates.

  18. Hi, Sakurai! So sorry for approving your comment this late; I just saw it buried under spammy comments!

    Hope you got a high test score. :)