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Apply for this writing job while it’s hot! If you’re a copywriter with a flair for marketing and you want to make extra money without leaving home, a company out there has a job position named after you!

Copywriter wanted

Again, this job is telecommute. You get to work at home and you can get paid up to $55 for each hour of work. It’s just a freelance/ part-time gig, so it means you’ll still get the time to do what you usually do, whether it’s a desk job or mostly drinking coffee at Starbucks while writing a novel. (Ha ha, I’m guilty of the latter.)

Copywriter Job Details

As mentioned above, this is a telecommute, part-time job that can rake in up to $55 each hour. For more details, read the bullet points below.

  • When you get hired for this writing job, you must write content for a motion graphics and film company.
  • Some of the writing entails short catchphrases, press releases, brochures, and proposals.
  • Most of the writing revolves around lengthy documents that provide information. This writing will be used for videos that will help market different products and services. Expect these videos to last at least three minutes.

Now that you know what this job calls for, you can cook up your best cover letter and apply for the job! Get ready to brag about your past work, just in case the company asks.

Copywriter Job Requirements

Of course, not every writer qualifies for this writing job. You will need experience and expertise. Here are the job requirements.

  • You need knowledge in search engine optimization and B2B.
  • You should have at least two years of experience working as a writer (preferably as a copywriter).
  • You should be really good at branding and strategizing to help launch products and services successfully.

Since this job calls for SEO experience, do make sure you’re not still practicing obsolete SEO techniques! Oh, and if you bag the job, let me know. Leave a comment or a message on my Twitter or Facebook.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the company, so I can’t answer your questions regarding specific details. And, as is the case when you apply to other companies, make sure you don’t get duped. Always ask for payment for your work before proceeding to the next project!

Copywriters who want this writing job can submit their cover letters, curriculum vitae, and best work samples to ATL40 at jobalert dot creativecircle dot com. Good luck! Friendly tip: Make sure your cover letter is an example of how well you write a marketing pitch!

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