Health Insurance: How Much Do You Know About It?

Sunday, May 12, 2013 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

I’ve always assumed that I can find an answer to all health questions I receive on this blog as long as I am given a reasonable amount of time to research. But I’m finding it really hard to answer a question emailed to me last night: How do you tell which non-government health insurance provides the best services?

Health Insurance

I feel like I know absolutely nothing about health insurance. After an unfortunate incident that happened about five years ago, I’ve been talking to friends in the insurance business about how insurance companies operate. I’ve also been looking into insurance companies abroad, such as Aviva in United Kingdom and United Health Group in the United States, if only to compare with our very own PhilHealth.

You might have read about an article of mine on how to choose a health card not so long ago. But in case you haven’t yet, let me recap my unfortunate experience regarding health insurance claims.

I Know Zilch About Insurance. You?

I remember undergoing a procedure in the hospital and applying for reimbursement via PhilHealth, only for my request to be rejected because it was supposedly an out-patient procedure.

I assumed that their reason was correct. After all, why would any insurance company – more so one that under the government’s wing – tell me something inaccurate? But one day while I was in medical school, I learned about how many out-patient procedures were covered by the same insurance company.

Boy, did I feel dumb or what. Did I just get duped? I asked someone from PhilHealth to verify if my claims should have been turned down and I was told my claims were completely valid. However, it was way past the time allotted for petitions, which meant my claim had already expired.

Goodbye, PhP10,000. I will miss you.

Brush up on health insurance
while you’re still healthy.

I know that I should have done my homework. I know better now – and so should you. Brush up on your knowledge of health insurance, especially the one you’re planning on availing of. Compare it with other health insurance providers and get feedback from friends who also have health insurance.

Have you filed successful claims with your health insurance provider before? Did you find it easy, or did you encounter difficulties along the way? Share your experience – I’d love to hear your own story! I’m sure the readers of this blog will be happy to hear it, too. Smile

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