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Saturday, July 20, 2013 Stef dela Cruz, MD 2 Comments

Look at this tank top. Don’t you want to buy it?

Shirt Design

Here’s the thing: I designed it for free and I didn’t pay anything upfront, all thanks to a website that did all the work for me! (And in case you want that shirt, you might want to check out Suplado Shirts – they sell awesome statement shirts like the one above!)

But before I tell you about the awesome website I discovered today, please indulge me as I tell you why I went looking for such a website in the first place.

CanShare has always been my pet organization. They are a group of cancer warriors who want to share that cancer is not equal to death. If anything, it gives a new perspective of life. I started writing about them a couple of years ago and after some time, I volunteered to create a blog and website for CanShare.

I haven’t been blogging enough for CanShare, I have to admit. But there’s something else I feel I can do for CanShare: Help them raise funds for their activities.

Although they already have their own projects, I feel like CanShare hasn’t gone all out just yet. As I was trying to search for something – anything – that could help CanShare raise funds without much capital, I found Teespring.

7 Reasons Teespring Is The Bomb

I decided to blog about Teespring because honestly, I was blown away! Teespring allows anyone to sell t-shirts online. But there’s more to Teespring than just that!

1. Teespring lets you design your own t-shirts. If you have a file of the design you want, you can upload it and resize it on Teespring. If you have no design on hand and there’s nobody who can design the t-shirt for you, you can simply type the text into their design page, choose a font style and color, and resize the text. The user interface is easy to use, even for people who don’t use Photoshop.

t-shirt designs

2. You can also design the back part of your shirts. This is useful for businesses that want to put their brand or tagline at the back part. It’s also great for when you have a punchline you want to print at the back of the shirt.

3. You can choose from different tops, colors, and styles. I love how there are several types of shirts, from a t-shirt for women with a relaxed fit to hoodies! You can design tank tops as well, among many other tops! After that, you can choose the brand, depending on your budget and the quality you want.

Check out the tank top I designed as a dry run!

tank top designs

4. Every step of the way, you see how much you’re going to spend on each shirt. As you design a shirt, tank top, or sweater, you know exactly how much you will be shelling out once you get orders online.

Teespring budget

5. You can set goals and see how much you’ll earn overall. After I finished designing a shirt, I was brought to the next page where I can indicate how many shirts I want to sell, how much I want to sell them for. After that, I could see how much I’d earn in total! Even business newbies will love this built-in calculator that does all the dirty work!

shirt business budget

6. You get a branded campaign. You get to set your own vanity URL under Teespring (for instance, I want our shirts to be available at You can also type in a description of your campaign, such as info about your organization or about the other merchandise you sell. You can then set the time range of your campaign before you launch it.

7. Here’s the best part: You don’t have to shell out any money unless you make a sale! And only after the date you specify will you pay for the shirts. That way, your investment is absolutely risk-free. You don’t have to make any upfront payments!

Selling shirts online using Teespring is risk-free. You don’t pay for anything before your customers do!

To be honest, I love how you get to do just about anything on Teespring, from customizing shirts to streamlining your sales! Their website is easy to use, too – and that can go a long way for folks who know little about computers but want to have their own online shop.

Teespring: Changing the Fabric of Online Stores!

People all around the world are making a profit from Teespring! For instance, a little girl is selling shirts to help her raise funds and join a Hungarian choir. Another shirt campaign actually brought in more than $85,000 for Boston!

I can only hope Teespring is available worldwide in different currencies. When that happens, I will be one of those trying to sell shirts on Teespring for CanShare and I’ll definitely be blogging about it every step of the way!

If you’re in the U.S. and you want to raise funds on your blog by selling awesome shirts, give Teespring a try! Visit their shirt design page and I’m telling you, you’ll be just as enamored as I was!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouragement about teespring. I am now determine to go in an event about them. Hopefully i can follow your lead, you easy to digest step by step direction. Cheers to your advocacy!

    1. Good for you! Best of luck to your campaign as well, and thanks for connecting!