New Domain Extensions for Bloggers

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Bloggers, get ready to buy domains with new domain extensions! Give your site an awesome name makeover or better yet, start a brand new blog and give it a name like!

Seriously, you can do that. And before you think I’m making this up, hear me out.

New Domain Extensions for Blogs

You’re probably used to the good old domain extensions. (In case you don’t know what domain extensions are, those are the letters that come after the last dot on your site’s URL.) There’s .com, .net, .org, and .boring.

Okay, maybe that last one is fictional. But throwing it in the list made my point for me, didn’t it? Get over your irrational fear of weird domain extensions and get these new ones, pronto!

These new domain extensions will be coming out in a few months. Before that time comes, make sure you’ve already thought of which domain names to buy under your new favorite domain extensions.

new domain extensions

If you just must have a domain with a new extension (and you know it won’t be available yet for a while), you can reserve your new domain name with your favorite domain name registrar. I’m sure they can give you heads-up once they roll out the new extensions.

Take a look at this guide on TLDs and new domain extensions if you need more information. Having a new TLD might give your blog the boost that it needs, especially if you’re blogging for profit. Have fun shopping for new domains, fellow bloggers!

Why Domain Extensions Are Important

But why the fuss about domain extensions in the first place? Let’s talk about why it’s important for you to choose the right domain extension for your blog. The comic strip below captures the essence of the problem perfectly.

Domain Extensions

I can hear a collective moan from those who chose a dot-net domain extension for their websites! Don’t worry; the above prejudice against websites not using a dot-com domain extension is no longer applicable based on more recent Google algorithms. Believe me when I say using a not-too-popular domain extension is not why Google hates your blog.

This brings us back to the question, why choose a specific domain extension to begin with? Why not just purchase the cheapest domain extension and be done with it?

All valid questions. And it’s time for you to forget those obsolete concepts about domain extensions passed on to you by old-school SEO managers. For instance, dot coms and dot nets now have equal footing; don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

  • Think of domain extensions more as tags than as ways for Google to categorize your blog. For instance, the new domain extension “.republican” immediately tells you that the site revolves around republican topics. A domain extension guides readers regarding which sites to click on based on what it is they are looking for.
  • Domain extensions make your website memorable. Imagine having a blog URL like “”! That just rocks, doesn’t it? People will remember your blog and know how to find their way back without even searching for you on Google, especially if you have awesome content. (Remember, of the many blogging tips you will get, the best one revolves around providing great content for your readers!) That means you can convert first-time readers into returning visitors, something Google will reward you for!
  • Yes, it’s recommended that you choose a domain extension relevant to your blog. But that’s mostly a matter of opinion. Others might think you should go with a dot net URL while others think a dot com website is best. In the end, it’s up to you – and don’t be tied down to passé concepts on how to choose domain extensions because, like I said, Google’s search engine is so much smarter now.

If you’ve just purchased a brand new domain from and you’re using the Blogger platform, here’s how you can go about with using a custom domain name on Blogspot. And since we’re talking about new domain extensions, you might also want to revamp your entire blog and learn how to write a good blog post. (Go ahead, read it; you might raise a brow but you’ll have fun anyway!)

I hope I’ve enlightened you on these nosebleed-worthy update on new domain extensions and custom domains. Set up your blog right and you can get it ranked high from the get-go! Good luck, fellow bloggers, and let’s see who comes up with the most creative domain name with a brand new domain extension!

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