Social Media and the Hunt for a Social Care Job

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Here’s a guest post from Johnny McDonald about social care jobs. Hope you find it useful!

For people with compassion who have the desire to help the less fortunate and make a significant difference in their lives, the care industry offers unsurpassed opportunities. There are jobs for those with excellent academic qualifications and for those who have a more practical bent. And, while other industries are suffering the effects of the economic downturn, social care work remains relatively stable as demand for care services continues unabated.

But though the care industry is one of the strongest in the British economy and is growing faster than most other sectors, finding the right job can still be problematic. As is the case for all jobseekers, it is no longer sufficient for anyone looking for jobs to go through the situations vacant columns in the classified advertisements of the newspapers or to check with the local employment office. These days, more often than not the Internet holds the key to a successful job search.

Looking for Social Care Jobs

Job vacancies posted on the Internet, however, are not always in the places where you would expect to find them. Employers often have their own websites where they post vacancies and websites like HCL are excellent places to start a job search, but social media websites have begun to play an ever more important role in the employment process.

Modern jobseekers have to make use of Websites like Twitter and Facebook to be sure of giving themselves the best opportunity to find work. Employers often have accounts on both these sites and post job vacancies there. So, if you are looking for a job, you need to have your own accounts and ‘follow’ or ‘like’ care providers to ensure that you are alerted when vacancies appear. You can also use social network sites to connect with other jobseekers and people in the care industry. This will help you create a network that will keep you abreast of new developments, demonstrate your interest and commitment and, importantly, may give you a heads up when vacancies arise.

Employers are also becoming more pro-active in their hiring practices. Often they will head hunt suitable candidates by looking at online profiles. LinkedIn is a favorite site in this respect, so you should make sure that you have a good profile there.

You should be aware, however, that while social media websites can help you find a job, they also give prospective employers access to a great deal of information about you. With this in mind, you need to make sure that there is nothing potentially damaging about you in your online presence and that your profiles reflect your interest in management social care jobs.

The roll of social media websites in the hunt for jobs means that an online presence is almost a necessity for modern jobseekers. Many vacancies are never actually formally advertised and are filled via social networking, so creating a wide network of contacts online is crucial if you are to have the best chance of securing the care worker job that you want.

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