NMAT Tips for First-Time Takers

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So, you want to be a doctor. You’re about to graduate from college and you’re planning on taking the NMAT this November. Of course, the wily future doctor that you are, you scour the internet for NMAT tips for first-time takers.

Good for you! You’re doing your homework. Soon, your hard work will pay off.

NMAT tips

It seems that most doctors-in-the-making are competitive from the get-go. They study hard to get good grades. More importantly, they study hard to remember important lessons that will help them the very first time they get a patient.

Speaking of competition, you’re probably thinking of how to get ahead in terms of the NMAT. The honor students in your class are probably thinking of taking the NMAT, too! You’ve been asking around for NMAT tips, from your mom’s colleague’s best friend’s daughter who happens to be a med student, to your gym instructor’s cousin’s wife’s aunt who is happily managing a private clinic.

And now, your search has brought you here.

If you have never read any of my blog posts before, you are in for something new. I don’t just recommend that you study hard; I also recommend what specific subject to focus on. I don’t just advise you to prepare for the NMAT; I also suggest that you prepare for life as a doctor.

Unorthodox NMAT Tips – Brace Yourself!

But that’s a long-enough introduction. Since you’ve been very patient, here is your reward: unorthodox NMAT tips for first-time takers!

No, they won’t sound like conventional tips, but they’re going to do you a world of good nonetheless. Read up while sipping your favorite coffee and enjoy!

  • One of the best NMAT tips you’ll ever hear: Don’t take the NMAT if you’re not prepared. Taking the NMAT is like going to war. If you don’t want to suffer in combat, you must train accordingly. As a first-time NMAT taker, you have what others don’t: a clean slate! Don’t tarnish your record with a so-so NMAT score. Once you take the test, your score will be sent to med schools. In fact, you can access your NMAT results online!
  • Don’t just study the subjects covered by the NMAT; study NMAT itself. Knowing your “enemy” is half the battle. This is why many aspiring physicians ask how to get high NMAT scores. They know that although studying is a great way to ace the test, learning about the ins and outs of the test is one other way to prepare for it.
  • Find out how NMAT scores are tallied. If you don’t know what a percentile score is, you’ll probably be scratching your head when you receive your score card and your score says “10”. Don’t be clueless! You’re about to become a doctor! Start by learning about what NMAT scores mean and already, you know better than half the other examinees.
  • Finally, eat and live healthy! Your mind won’t be as sharp and ready as it should be if you haven’t been taking good care of the rest of your body. Stock up on fruits, eat your veggies, and you might also want to add food-for-the-brain probiotics to your diet.

If You’re Taking the NMAT for the Second Time…

… Then you’re probably not happy with your first take. It’s okay – as they say, it’s not the end of the world.

However, expect that if you get interviewed while applying for the medical school of your choice, you will be asked why you didn’t fare well the first time. If you tell them you weren’t prepared the first time, they will challenge you, saying that it seems you’re not really serious about being a doctor. Whatever reason or alibi you give, it most probably won’t put you in a positive light. The one thing you can do during an interview of that sort would be to prove them wrong about their assumptions of you!

In any case, if it’s not your first time to take the exams and you’re looking for NMAT tips, you really should find out which among these reasons for not getting high NMAT scores is applicable to you.

When you know what went wrong the first time, you can do something different and expect different results next time.

Don’t stop reading now. Go ahead; read up on what you do after you pass the NMAT. Are you actually ready to become a doctor? Are you prepared to take on the world of medicine to pursue a life-long dream? Is it your dream, or is it your parents’ to begin with?

Craving for more NMAT tips? Head over to these NMAT review tips to whet your appetite. There, I share tips relative to learning styles, your class ranking, and your inquisitive behavior.

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