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If you’re shopping for health items from Lazada, there are a few items I found that you might find interesting. Feel free to include them in your online shopping cart! Of course, I’ll be sharing a coupon from Lazada to complete your online shopping experience – you’ll read about it soon enough!

But before I share what’s in my own cart, I have a confession to make: Online shopping is something I used to steer clear of! The most shopping I did a decade ago revolved around clothes and shoes, after all, and I always thought it a prerequisite to purchase only the clothes that I’ve tried on.

Of course, given that most of my work now involves the internet, it was just a matter of time before I joined the online shopping bandwagon. And here I am, finally venturing out of my comfort zone and shopping online for health items!

Health Items from Online Store Lazada

I know I’ve wasted enough of your time with my rambling, so let’s get on with the show. I was browsing through the health and beauty section of Lazada and I came across a few items that are either worth your money or worth looking at – or both! You decide. (Plus, I’m sharing a coupon from Lazada – learn more about it later!)

Online Health Find #1: Spot Massager

I found the Euroo spot massager an interesting health find at PhP950. If you’re into massage for stress relief, this is going to be a great tool, especially if there’s nobody around to give you a proper massage.


It’s supposedly lightweight, but I don’t know how heavy it is. It runs on a battery that you can recharge – here’s where I wish it ran on disposable batteries instead so that it has a longer life. Still, it’s something I want in my cart!


Online Health Find #2: Digital Thermometer

I remember playing with the mercury I got from a broken thermometer when I was little. Mercury is poisonous! I’m sure you don’t want your little kid to be playing with mercury the way I did.

So, here’s a digital thermometer from Fisher-Price. It also takes temperature a lot quicker. Just remember to read the pamphlet that comes with it – the normal temperature we know of won’t apply to this gadget. Don’t worry; it should specify what the normal temp should be whether you take it orally or otherwise.


Online Health Find #3: Wrap Thermometer

Another alternative to the digital thermometer is the wrap thermometer from HoMedics. Its display is much bigger than the digital thermometer above and it wraps snugly around your upper arm, measuring the temperature under your arm while you wait comfortably.


This is a great find at just PhP575! When someone complains of a fever, I’m sure you’ll be a big hit by whipping this out like a health pro.


Online Health Find #4: First-Aid Kit

If someone in the family is always getting scrapes, cuts, and bruises, then it makes sense to get a first-aid kit, doesn’t it? I found a first-aid kit from McBride, complete with a handy bag, worth PhP980 at McBride.


You can teach your kids where it is and how to get it for you, in case you can’t get it yourself when you attend to an emergency in the future. Put it in a location everyone knows – just keep it away from toddlers and you’ll be fine.

Gift Coupon from Lazada, Anyone?

If you’re a health buff and you’re looking for health items at Lazada, the four items above should make for a good start. If you have more health items in your shopping list, don’t hesitate to share by leaving a comment!

Next week, I will be comparing Lazada and Zalora, two of the most popular online shopping sites in the Philippines. I’ll be sharing a coupon from Lazada, so make sure you don’t miss it! Subscribe to my Facebook page, just in case you don’t check my website often, yes? Stay tuned!

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