LifeCloud: Health App Platform Proudly Philippine-Made

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Fellow techies and health geeks, heads-up! A company from the Philippines, LiFEDATA Systems, Inc., is about to launch its very own app platform called LifeCloud. And yes, the world is (finally) paying attention.

Malu Florendo

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Malu Florendo, CEO of LiFEDATA Systems, Inc., and she said something that I believed was true: “We are ahead of our time.” After all, if you said the terms “apps”, “Android”, and “App Store” five years ago in the Philippines, you might as well have been speaking Martian.

LifeCloud Platform for Health App Developers

LifeCloud is actually a Philippine-made platform for apps developed by LiFEDATA Systems, Inc. Who said Pinoys aren’t techie?


Imagine having health apps on your gadgets that give you a list of your meds anytime, anywhere. Imagine having an exercise app that tells you how many calories you’ve lost during your five-minute run. Imagine using health apps that actually feel like games more than strict enforcers of health guidelines. With the help of LifeCloud, all these health apps will be part of our day-to-day lives.

Don’t be that person whose knowledge of apps revolves around Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

If you don’t have health apps on your smartphone yet, I wonder why. I myself have a long list of health apps! For instance, I have an app that helps me work out my abs and back muscles (to strengthen my trunk and relieve my back pain). I have an app that helps me burn calories.

I also have a couple of apps that bring me health news everyday – and the list goes on. It’s just a matter of time before everyone else catches on, too, and the apps you know will go beyond Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Smile

LiFEDATA: Proudly Philippine-Made

LiFEDATA is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary this December. It has partnered up with Globe Telecom to develop HealthCloud MD, HealthCloud Patient, and HealthCloud HMO.

LifeData Systems, Inc.

All three applications focus on your “health data” – medical records, checkup schedules, and other information pertaining to your health.

  • Doctors can use HealthCloud MD to facilitate the maintenance of health records. Electronic medical records (EMRs) have an advantage over conventional paper trail because they are easily kept and maintained – and doctors won’t have to say, “Oh, sorry, your file seems to have been misplaced!”
  • Patients, on the other hand, will find HealthCloud Patient useful. They can bring their medical records everywhere with them. This means not having to repeat diagnostic and lab exams just because they “forgot the results”.

    HealthCloud Patient brings the focus back on the patient – and isn’t that how it should be in the first place? There will be less hassle and fewer expenses for any patient on the go.
  • Insurance companies can also keep track of medical records through HealthCloud HMO. That way, when you file for insurance claims, it will take just a minute for the insurance company to retrieve your records!

Digital LiFE Congress & Expo 2013

If you’re a doctor, a perennial patient, a health administrator, the IT expert of a hospital, or a techie who wants in on what’s hot in the world of health technology, make sure you make it to the Digital LiFE Congress & Expo this year. It will be held at the World Trade Center on November 14 to 16.

Digital LiFE Congress & Expo

For more information on Digital LiFE Congress & Expo, you can read about the details from TechEnvy. Be one of the first end users of novelty apps on health, business, education, and games! You might get free apps and software when you come visit, too!

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