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Health buffs and geeks, this collection of health apps is for you once again! If you’re someone who wants to see pan de sal on your abs instead of just on your plate, get your smartphones and tablets ready as I announce a few health apps that you just might enjoy.

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These health apps can address many issues, from helping you go on a diet to giving you the right motivation to exercise. We all have our delaying tactics and we are experts at rationalizing as to why we aren’t getting in shape yet – come on, admit it! – but these apps just might push you out of your comfort (read: couch potato) zone.

Health Apps for Your Smartphone

I have five health apps on this list, all of which you can download on your smartphone, tablet, or phablet – choose your poison! Just make sure you choose to be healthy everyday (and not just when you’re in the mood), okay?

Health App 1: Couch to 5K

If wearing your expensive and attractive running shoes is enough to make your day, this health app is definitely for you! Couch to 5k promises to get you up off the couch and running in just a few weeks.

It gives you timed running sessions depending on your level so that you never spread yourself too thin, so to speak. This is particularly important if you are new to running and want to be able to run long distances without stopping.

As you go through the levels, the directions change so you run more and walk less. It’s a great way to get started on a healthier path. Slowly but surely, I always say! Apple or Android, it doesn’t matter – it’s available to both!

Health App 2: My Fitness Pal

I think the name of this health app says it all! A helpful choice for those looking to combine exercise and dieting, My Fitness Pal lets you count your calories by looking up or scanning food items and adding up how much you ate for each meal.

You can also log your exercise routines and compute the calories burned. That way, you get an accurate picture of how much you are taking in – and you can make the necessary adjustments!

You won’t “accidentally” overeat – sorry, but that excuse is out the window if you use My Fitness Pal! There is also a social component so you can do the program with a friend as well. After all, misery health loves company, hehe! Again, it’s available for both iPhone and Android.

Health App 3: Pocket Doctor

One of the most popular apps on App World for Blackberry 10, Pocket Doctor helps you determine whether your collection of symptoms is going to need a doctor. You can search through the database of conditions and symptoms, as well as check out different treatments.

It’s a great way to check and see whether you should head to the ER or if you can just rest and wait it out until you feel better. Of course, I always recommend that you visit your doctor for your symptoms as soon as you can! Remember that this app is supposed to supplement – not replace – the advice of health professionals.

Health App 4: Period Calendar

Will you be grossed out if I say I use this on a regular basis? Open-mouthed smile Boys, if you hate blood, look away right now! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This health app helps you keep track of your monthly cycle, including periods and peak fertility. It’s a great choice if you’re trying to get pregnant (or if you’re trying not to). You can find it on all platforms. There’s a paid version, but you can get the “lite” version for free.

Health App 5: Fitness Library Free

If you love watching workout videos, you are going to have a party when you download this health app! Here, you can access a wide variety of different workout videos to make sure your whole body is getting a workout.

You can choose just about any video, from aerobics routines to weight training, as well as filtering for difficulty, age and gender. Aside from showing you how to get the best workout for different parts of the body, it’s a great way to learn new routines and mix it up.

What are Your Health Apps?

Speaking of apps, my brother and I started a new tech blog: Tech Envy! We will be giving away gadgets, such as those from Royqueen. Make sure you connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to join our monthly giveaways!

Tech Envy bloggers: Stef and AdrianI and my brother, Adrian, now have a tech blog called Tech Envy!

There’s also an upcoming app and tech expo on November 14 to 16, featuring a few health apps and a health platform called LifeCloud. If you’re as geeky (or as much of a health buff) as you say you are, make sure you attend the expo!

Who here hates exercising? Raise your hand! (I’m raising my hand, LOL.) Anyway, I’ve shared 5 health and wellness apps for you to download, whether you love to get in shape or not. How about you, what are some of your favorites? Come on, don’t be shy (and don’t be selfish!); share your “health app finds” via a comment!

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