National Health Blog Post Month: Blogger Challenge!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

Did you know that November is National Health Blog Post Month? Actually, I didn’t until a few minutes ago. After I found out online, I decided not only to spread the word, but help fellow health bloggers come up with health blog posts that their readers might enjoy.

national health blog post month

It seems that there is a day for just about everything – I bet there’s even a hamburger day! But now that it’s the National Health Blog Post month, you can try to blog about health, even if you’re a hardcore lifestyle blogger or fashion blogger. After all, good health never goes out of style!

National Health Blog Post Month: Calling All Bloggers!

Before you whine and say, “Oh, but I don’t have a health blog,” think of it this way: You can always think of an angle on health that will remain true to your blog’s niche!

Here’s the challenge: Think of how you can blog about health today, even if your blog isn’t about health.

For instance, if you have a fashion blog, you can blog about healthy ways to maintain your size-4 figure. If you have a lifestyle blog, you can write about healthy lifestyle changes you can make in one day – you get the drift.

To get you started, here are five topics you can blog about for the month of November. Ready? Go!

  1. Blog about going to the gym. Is it underrated? Are people doing it just so they can look good without really being healthy? Do you see people going to the gym who smoke in between reps? Is it impractical to go to the gym if you’re a career mom? Wow, under just this topic, I can think of many other things to blog about. I’m sure you can, too!
  2. Let your health blog post revolve around alternative medicine. When is alternative medicine okay (if it ever is)? Should people believe in arbularyos (herbalists)? How rampant is alternative medicine practice in the Philippines? Do you have any first-hand experience? Blog about it!
  3. You can also blog about your health goals. What things do you want to accomplish, health-wise? How good are you at following health goals? Do you set health goals for you and your loved ones, or are you happy just lounging at home, eating Doritos? Share your health goals (or lack thereof) with your readers!
  4. Do you have a health advocacy? I have several. For instance, I want doctors and patients to stop thinking of general practitioners as substandard doctors. I also want more people to be more comfortable about cancer instead of avoiding that topic altogether. Lastly, I want people to make prudent health decisions, instead of, say, gunning for stem cell therapy that hasn’t even been proven safe yet.

    How about you? What are you most passionate about when it comes to health? You have your blog; use it to voice your thoughts!
  5. You can also blog about your biggest health dilemma. There are many people out there looking for someone to relate to, someone with a strong voice who can speak their minds. Do you have cancer, ADHD, or some other condition? What are you doing to fight back? Share your story.

There are many other health topics you can blog about. The above topics are but general ones, after all. Are there any health issues you want to write about? Blog about them! And don’t forget to spread the word on your social networks that it’s National Health Blog Post Month this November, okay? I also wouldn’t mind if you shared this blog post as well – please and thank you!

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