RIP, Old Health Column [All Souls’ Day Special]

Saturday, November 02, 2013 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

This All Soul’s Day, I thought of writing about my past health column at the now-defunct newspaper, The Fortnightly. My column has long moved to Health Care magazine, published by the same people responsible for that Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory you find in doctors’ clinics and nurses’ stations.

My health column was then called, “See You in Hell Health”. I had fun with that column despite the fact that, um, I had no idea how to write for a column! I then decided to give common topics a “health” angle. I also enjoyed working with the people behind it, including my under-aged (hahaha!) editor, Aries Espinosa. I have to say, I’m lucky that in my line of work, I’ve had to work only with editors just like him!

Stef dela Cruz: health column

Fast-forward to today. I was segregating files and backing up my computer when I came across an old PDF file. It was of our August 2012 issue at The Fortnightly. It brought back so many memories (including those of untimely death in the print media, awoooo!) that I just had to blog about it!

Health Column: “Senti Sabado”

I know the hashtag #SentiSabado never really caught on, but since this weekend is all about celebrating life and death, I would like to share with you one of my old health columns. (May it rest in peace.)

It was about how we seem to be slaves of beauty. Who here doesn’t wear make-up? Raise your hand! I’m sure I’ll see just a few hands in the air because, whether we admit it or not, beauty has become part of our lives.

Without further ado, here it is: the health column that has risen from the dead, so to speak. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Health column by Stef dela Cruz

health column by Stef dela CruzStef dela Cruz health columnStef dela Cruz health blogger

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I know very little about writing for a health column, but I had fun doing it! I will always remain grateful to the opportunity given me. As they say, you don’t forget your first kiss column, hehe! (Shout-out to everyone whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with at The Fortnightly. Mwah, mwah!)

Speaking of All Souls’ Day, it’s not only about visiting our loved ones who have passed on to the next life. Let’s remember the many things in our lives that have died as well, just so they can give way to the rest of our lives. See you in hell – er, health, everyone! Open-mouthed smile

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