Bloggers: Why You Shouldn't Tell Others How to Blog

Thursday, March 20, 2014 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

Do you think you know better than most bloggers who seemed to have erred in your eyes? Do you think you should tell other people how to blog and behave? If you do, this special blog post is for you.

Blogging right

Months ago, my fellow bloggers were arguing about how one should behave in an event. Before that, my colleagues from another blogging group were arguing about whether blogging should be the sole source of income or not. It seems that as members of the blogosphere, we are itching to teach others what to do with their own blogs.

"We should have standards to uphold, rules to follow. Just like any official organization," insisted a fellow blogger. Ah, standards. But who is qualified to set them?

Blogging: To Each His Own?

Standards help keep the order. For as long as we have standards, we have a stick to measure things with. Of course, the question of who gets to set them will always be a matter of argument.

Take into consideration the bloggers you look up to in your community. Just because you hold them in high esteem doesn't mean they have what it takes to establish regulations for a blogging community. It does not mean they have the objectivity it takes to prioritize other bloggers' needs above their own.

Is it age that dictates authority?

In our country, seniority takes precedence over credentials. Although this speaks of the wonderful virtue of respect for elders, it does serve as a crutch in establishing a reliable circle of leaders.

After all, old age does not always equate to wisdom. And if that's the case, who is the more qualified to speak of blogging standards?

Is it those who have succeeded in the blogging arena who should set the standards?

Should success be considered a healthy criterion for authority in the blogging community? If so, how exactly do we define success? Should success be dependent on fame? Or should it be about page views or the more sensational PageRank?

Which blogger is qualified to set standards for all?

Do we choose leaders based on who earns the most? Do we choose moderators based on who gets along better with others? Is it a matter of democracy, with the entire blogging community being asked to vote for the people who get to set the rules of blogging?

Every question posed here is rife with potential argument. I bet that if you post even just one of the questions you find here on your Facebook group, you will be looking at disagreements, misunderstandings, and even the occasional troll who would love nothing more than to pit us against each other.

But that's beside the point. Just because an issue becomes a favorite topic for debate does not mean we cannot find the ideal resolution.

Sadly, that might happen later than sooner. To make my point for me, here are 5 things bloggers often say because they think they're right. You'll see what I mean.

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