Cum Laude Kate Tan Dies; Father Sues "Doctor"

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It sounds like a headline you would find in a tabloid, but it's not. It's the story of Kate Tan, a cum laude graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University. "But what is it to me?" you might ask. Well, it's this: Kate could have been your sister, best friend, or daughter. Kate could have even been you.

Kate TanMeet Kate Tan. She looked awesome. She was awesome.

That was how I felt: She could have easily been me. I found way too many similarities between me and Kate: She was the eldest child in the family, she was an achiever in school, and she also wanted to become a writer. She had a loving and supportive family, too, just like me.

There is, however, one thing that sets us apart: Unlike Kate, I'm still alive.

Kate passed away in July 2013. "Everybody dies," you might think. "It's just another sob story," you might say. But it's not.

That headline you just read is the tip of a big and potentially scandalous iceberg, one that will affect every single one of us. So if you're a sister, best friend, or daughter, pay close attention to what I will reveal about my four-hour interview with Bernard Tan, Kate's father.

If you don't want your sister, best friend, or daughter to be the next Kate Tan, I suggest you sit tight, pay attention, and prepare to share this on every single one of your social networks.

You see, Kate did not want to die quietly. She - together with her grieving father and the people who know about the hideousness that happened to her - have a message for you that might one day save the life of someone you love.

Who is Kate Tan?

Kate was a Mass Communications graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University. She graduated cum laude despite leaving school for more than a year. She was diagnosed of Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer, in 2009. She underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She was declared cancer-free in 2011.

Kate Tan

She found out that her cancer had come back in 2012. She then sought the help of Antonia Park and underwent stem cell treatment.

She died in 2013.

"Oh, well. It's cancer and you die because of it anyway," you might conclude. That's rather harsh and, might I add, could not have been farther from the truth, at least in Kate's case.

Hodgkin lymphoma is potentially curable. Peer-reviewed data will tell you that even with cancer of this type that has spread to different parts of your body, the 5-year relative survival rate is at approximately 75 percent.

Kate Tan's Doctor: Doctor to the Former President

After chatting with Kate's father yesterday, I realized that I was dealing with a story much bigger than anything I have covered in the past. It involved a doctor who was not licensed to practice medicine in our country, one who still maintains a wellness center at Tagaytay called "Green & Young Health & Wellness Center" up to this day. It also involves a former president of the Philippines.

Kate's doctor, Antonia Park, is not licensed to practice medicine in the Philippines. A statement from the Professional Regulatory Commission reveals that Park is not a registered doctor.

Antonia Park has no PRC license

Aside from treating Kate, Park also treated former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Here is a copy of the statement released by Park regarding Arroyo's stem cell treatment.

Antonia Park on Arroyophoto grabbed from Facebook account of GMA News

Park claims she is not licensed to practice in the Philippines because she is registered in other countries. However, her signature in the above document, which she signed as an official statement, says, "Dra Antonia Park, MD".

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  1. How does this involve former President Arroyo? That side story is quite irrelevant. It's like because PGMA and I went to the same school, I could say that any school-related scandal that I would get into involves the former president of the philippines.