Grand Rounds Medical Book Giveaway

Saturday, June 07, 2014 Stef dela Cruz, MD 3 Comments

Welcome to the Grand Rounds Medical Book Giveaway! Future (and present) doctors, I promised last week that I will be giving away about twenty different medical books, from textbooks you use inside the classroom to cheat sheets you use during hospital rounds. I'm here now to fulfill that promise!

(It’s called “Grand Rounds” Medical Book Giveaway because you will have to make a few rounds online before you find the final instructions. Enjoy!)

Brace yourselves, brave doctors-to-be, as you are about to embark on the most awesome online adventure – and hey, you might actually win a prize!

medical book giveawaySee something you want? That’s just half of what I’m giving away!

Here's just a peek at what you might win in a series of contests and fun games, all in the name of the epic medical book giveaway you are about to be part of! See anything you want?

Medical Book Giveaway: Rules

I know you hate rules - sorry! But games tend to have them, you know, so let's get on with the program! Here are some of the rules and reminders of the medical book giveaway.

  1. The medical book giveaway is a series of mini-games, each of which will require at least one winner. That means thee might be 10 winners all in all, with winners announced after each mini-game!
  2. The medical books given away in this contest all belonged to me at one point - they are not brand new. Some of them have missing pages, but most are in great shape. Don't expect a medical book in mint condition.
  3. The contest may involve participation in. Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, this blog... or a combination of any of the above. The more social networks you have, the better!
  4. Specific rules for each mini-game will be announced separately. Some mini-games take a week or more, while others might take just one minute! Make sure you are connected to my Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram so that you don't miss out on the mini-games where the first responder wins!

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Now, to get the ball rolling, I would like to start this grand medical book giveaway with the first mini-game!

First Med Book Mini-Game Starts NOW!

Are you ready? First up is a Textbook of Surgery by Sabiston and Lyerly pocket guide! If you can't finish reading the thick volumes of your surgery text, you should at least read through this pocket guide.

Textbook of Surgery by SabistonFor the first mini-game:
Textbook of Surgery by Sabiston and Lyerly, pocket companion!

This surgery pocket guide will also help you during hospital rounds and duty hours. It summarizes etiology, pathophysiology, treatment, diagnosis - it's all there, in a neat, convenient nutshell!

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But I'm not happy giving away just this book, so I'm also giving away one special comicbook together with it! If you're a Hellblazer fan, here's something you might want to read.

Hellblazer Issue One
Issue #1 of Hellblazer! You want it? Join the giveaway!

Excited yet? Good, coz the contest starts now!

First Medical Book Mini-Game: Game Rules

Now, here's how you can win the Surgery pocket guide and the comic books. If you like detective stories where one clue leads to another, you're gonna love this!

Please follow the instructions to the letter. If you don't, you might get disqualified.

  1. Follow Tech Envy (@techenvynet ) on Instagram.
  2. Find their photo that says, "Medicine geeks, this way!"
  3. Follow the link specified in the caption of that photo.
  4. Keep following the clues until you see the final instructions. IMPORTANT: Use Facebook desktop version – not the mobile version in tablets and phones – or you can’t see the final screen! I will choose a winning entry in 72 hours!

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Ready, set, go! Contest ends June 10, 2014, Tuesday, at 10 p.m. Winner will be announced the next day.

doctor giveaway

Good luck, geeks! Welcome to the grand medical book giveaway! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Stef dela Cruz is a vegan doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She is the editor of The Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine. Get in touch if you want to invite her as a speaker!


  1. hi doc can u accept me in your instagram thanks :)

  2. Hi Doc Stef! :) What if I don't have an IG account?

  3. Angela, done! :) Kei-Koo, sorry, but this part of the game requires Instagram. Do join in the next mini-games, however, as they may not necessarily require Instagram! (Btw, there's one coming up and I won't announce WHEN it will be. The first person to accomplish the task gets the prize on Twitter! Good luck!)