Medical Book Giveaway Still Ongoing!

Sunday, July 20, 2014 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

I’ve been receiving tweets and emails saying they regret not having had the chance to join the medical book giveaway. I am always quick to say, “What on earth are you saying? The medical book giveaway (plus comic book giveaway, too) is STILL ONGOING!!!”

medical book giveawayHear it from the bottom of my, uh, bottom.

If you aren’t following me on Facebook or Twitter, you probably wouldn’t have caught on that there are several giveaways right now. For instance, Tech Envy is giving away promo codes for the Doggins app on iOS, but it’s also where I’m giving away a really heavy Physiology textbook for med school, plus several Batman comicbooks! (Check out the giveaway details here.)

Is the Grand Rounds Med Book Giveaway Still On? Hell, Yeah!

So, before everybody presumes the medical book giveaway has long ended, I decided to post an update to make clarifications.

Clarification #1:
The Grand Rounds Med Book Giveaway will last probably until the end of December.

FYI, it’s not one continuous contest, but a series of mini-giveaways. Last June, I gave away a Hellblazer issue #1 comic book plus a Surgery pocket companion to kick off the Grand Rounds giveaway. Starting this July (and ending on August 5), I’m giving away a Physiology book by Berne and Levy (a brand new copy would cost around PhP3,000), plus a few Batman comic books! Woot!

statement t-shirt in Manila
Okay, maybe I can’t buy everything. But with this giveaway, I can at least get you an expensive medical textbook or a comic book!

So, if you want your hands on at least one medical book, you better connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Do it, like right now!

You might not believe clarification #5!!!
But I hope you do.

Clarification #2:
The giveaways will not necessarily be held on this website. Giveaways will also involve social networks!

That means I will be holding “flash” giveaways on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. So, if you haven’t added me up via social networks yet, you might miss out!

Some mini-giveaways will last only a day. Here’s an example: In a future giveaway, the first person to retweet a specific Twitter post of mine will immediately win! See what I mean?

While you’re looking for me on my social networks, I just hope you’re not leeching off free WiFi from your favorite cafĂ©:

You don’t want to end up like this poor fellow.

Clarification #3:
Because there will be several mini-giveaways, you will have several chances of winning.

Didn’t win the first time around? Don’t sweat it:


I have, what, about twenty or so giveaways lined up for you! I have a box full of comic books for everyone, including Catwoman, Batman, and other titles you will want to read.

I also have a shelf full of medical books which you can use in medical school and even during internship and residency! You said freebies and now, you got it!


Clarification #4:
Although most giveaways are open only to residents of the Philippines, some giveaways are open worldwide.

A perfect example is the Doggins app giveaway. So what if you’re from Canada? As long as you have a gadget, if you win the app, then it’s yours!

The good thing about all these giveaways is that if you win, I send your package straight to your home. You won’t have to claim your package from some faraway office! Plus, I pay for courier fees!

EDSA trafficEDSA traffic? Pshaw. I will send your prize straight to your doorsteps.

So even if traffic is horrible as usual along EDSA, you don’t have to threaten to commit suicide. Thank God for small blessings, eh?


Clarification #5:
I’m not rich.

LOL! Just because I’m giving away dozens of medical books doesn’t mean I’m sprouting dollars. Sorry, folks, but I’m not giving away money just yet!

…Which brings us back to this photo. Looks familiar?

I can buy you, your friends, and this t-shirt

FYI, this t-shirt is a lie if I’m the one wearing it! But that’s why I like wearing it, yeah? If you want this tee (it just costs PhP350), visit Suplado Shirts and order online. Tip to fashionistas: You can cut off the sleeves the way I did or custom-cut it your own way!

Giveaways Galore (You know you want in!)

There’s a little something in here for geeks and nerds of every size and shape. So, if you’re either a geek or a nerd (yes, they’re different), then join me via social networks!

(Plug: Thanks to Stanley Chi for allowing me free reign over his awesome memes. Hehe! He’s super funny, follow him on Facebook!)

Now, here’s another nonsensical, absolutely tangential video that has nothing to do with this giveaway. But it’s fun to watch, so give it a go.


Now, don’t be selfish. Spread the word! Use the hashtags!

Do your happy dance and tell every self-professed cheapskate you know! Let your friends, relatives, classmates, and work friends in on this year-round giveaway series!

Good luck on the Grand Rounds Med Book Giveaway, folks! Last but not the least, don’t forget to brush your teeth. (I know, tangential, but sage advice nonetheless.)

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