Medical Book Giveaway: Final Leg!

Thursday, September 18, 2014 Stef dela Cruz, MD 1 Comments

You’re here for the Grand Rounds Medical Book Giveaway, right? So, here’s what’s going to happen. If you want any of the medical books that you see below, all you have to do is post a public update on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post, explain why you want it, and tag me.

medical booksGet any of these books. It’s going to be easy. Believe me.

No more hashtags. No more likes, follows, retweets, or whatever. Just explain to me (in a public post so that I can see it, of course) why you want that book.

It sounds sooo simple, doesn’t it? Can a medical book giveaway really be that simple? Are medical books really being handed out to people who call dibs?

If you still don’t believe your eyes, here’s how I came to this decision. Future doctors, let’s celebrate Christmas early!

Medical Book Giveaway Recap

A few months back, I decided to give away medical books. I’m not using them and I barely wrote anything on them back in med school!

You can use them not only in school, but also during rounds when you finally go on duty. And if you’re not in med school yet, you can always read them for entertainment. Don’t laugh; I used to do that in fourth grade when my mom came home with a medical encyclopedia!

I know, nerd, right? But my geekiness paid off, so I don’t see why yours won’t. ;)

NEW Medical Book Giveaway Rules: There are no rules!

Anyway, long story short: After the next few legs of the medical book giveaway were a big dud, I’ve decided to push through with the rest of the giveaway with no strings attached. (I don’t blame you; it’s too much of an effort to click on a like button. Sarcasm. Kidding!)

So here we are, with a NEW phase of the medical book giveaway. And this time, it’s easier.

Here’s what you have to do. (Okay, fine, there are rules. But it’s so you don’t fight online about who gets what! Besides, it’s just ONE rule. So there.)

  1. Post an update on your Instagram, Twitter, OR Facebook and indicate which medical book you want. Then, explain why you want it. Tag me (my Facebook fan page, my Instagram account, or my Twitter username, depending on where you’re posting your update) and make sure your update is public. Otherwise, I can’t see your post, no matter how much I use my x-ray vision!

Okay, I don’t have x-ray vision. But I do have these awesome books to give away! Ready to go shopping? Knock yourselves out!

Biochemistry MRS
CPM 2006
First Aid for the Medicine Clerkship
General Ophthalmology by David Vaughan
Gross Anatomy BRS
Infectious Disease Secrets
Medical Jurisprudence by Solis
Neurology Secrets
NMS Medicine
Pathology Board Review Series
OB Gyn Secrets
Pediatric Secrets
Pharmacology by Katzung
Physiology by Berne and Levy
Physiology BRS
Physiology Secrets
Surgical Recall
Abernathy's Secrets
Just to be clear: Each book will have a new owner. You can post as many updates as you want, with each update indicating a different book!

Make sure you post as soon as you can because I won’t announce when I will be picking a winner for each book. It can be today, tomorrow… three days from now. As soon as I see a post that touches me, I’m announcing that as a winner!

One Last Thing…

Just promise me this: Don’t be selfish, okay? Now that you know these medical books are up for grabs, please tell your friends. Your good deed will come back to you a hundredfold!

Share with your friends how they can grab a medical book without clicking any like button! Woot!

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If you happen to be one of the four winners, that is. Hehehe.

I digress again, darn! So, back to the giveaway.

Good luck, med geeks!

I will ship the book straight to your doorstep if you convince me! Open to all residents of the Philippines – sorry, interested future doctors from the rest of the world, but I don’t have the moolah to ship all the way to where you live.

Okay, time for you to get creative! Tell me why you want that medical book you’re eyeing right now. Tell me in the best way that you can. Good luck, nerds! Welcome to the club. \m/

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