Social Media Calendar: 30 Content Ideas for an Entire Month!

Monday, December 08, 2014 Stef dela Cruz, MD 2 Comments

I cannot remember the last time I opened my Facebook app without thinking, “Man, I need content!” As a blogger, I manage different social media accounts – Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, you name it! And as much as I enjoy stalking everyone in my newsfeed, I do run out of things to post once in a while.

Okay, maybe even more often that. I’m an introvert and I never realized I was an introvert everywhere – the online world included! I tend to like being left alone, so posting updates on all my social networks on a regular basis is a tall order!

social media content ideas

Today, I said to myself, “Enough!” I’m so tired of racking my brains for new ideas. It’s time to organize my ideas and make a calendar of things to post on social networks each day of the month.

30 Social Media Content Ideas You Can Recycle Monthly

If you’re getting as stressed as I am about what post, meme, or update to share next, start taking notes.

1. Share a favorite of yours

It can be a favorite blog post, tweet, quote, or even your pet peeve! Even a personal fave, like the dessert or coffee you choose almost always, will give your timeline a fresh look.

2. Look at last month’s work and share what you loved most about it

What made you happy with your work in the past month? Did your blog post go viral? Did a tweet end up in the trending list? Or was there something you did that you were particularly proud of? Share it!

3. Talk about people you’ve met

There will always be that one person whom you think is so interesting that you have to tell others about him. Who is he? What makes him unique? Is he someone you’ve worked with? Share the details!

4. Share content from a blog other than yours

I know the people in my friends list must be getting tired of reading articles that I wrote, so I try to share articles from other sources, too. Give it a try as well – your friends will thank you for your variety of content!

5. Be funny

A sense of humor will make you much more relatable. It might even make you look sexier! Share a funny anecdote and it’s going to be worth it.

6. Highlight a colleague

You’re not the only blogger in your niche! Feature a fellow blogger or a colleague who also does the same kind of work that you do. This grounds you, reminding you that others can serve as inspiration for you, too.

7. Observe trivia time

Did you know that people rarely share trivial facts with their friends on Facebook? They would rather share selfies and food pics. Let’s make our social networks interesting with fun trivia!

8. Ask your friends a question

One word: engagement. ‘Nuff said.

9. Start a guessing game

Blur a photo (you can use the tilt function on Instagram or perhaps another photo editing app), then ask your friends what they think it is. How creative can you get?

10. Enlightening meme

You see them all the time on Facebook. Share those you can really relate to!

11. Wucha readin’? Tell us about it

Did you read something interesting in Huffington Post? Did you just download an e-book? Maybe you purchased a new hardcover from the bookstore. Share it!

12. Get nostalgic

What do you miss about your childhood? Do you have a photo of a really silly haircut you once had? Do you miss someone from your past?

13. Share a selfie

Selfies aren’t bad – just do them the same way you do everything else: in moderation. (And yes, today is a perfect day to share one!)

14. What’s going on?

What’s on the news? Is there a concert you want to attend tomorrow, or maybe a movie you want to see? Share headlines and plans and see how your audience reacts.

15. Vacation photo

No matter how much of a workaholic you are, you have to take a break at one point or another! Make the most of your short but sweet weekend; post a photo of what happened when you weren’t working!

16. Mention past work

Have you worked with different companies in the past? How long ago has it been since that happened? Share the details – it will give everyone a better insight of what you do (or did) for a living.

17. Share a Facebook fan page (not yours)

What was the last Facebook page that you liked? Why were you drawn to it? Sharing your likes reveals a lot about your personal tastes. (Yes, your followers want to know.)

18. Share a life hack

Have you figured out how to boil water just by staring at it? If you haven’t, maybe your brother has! Whatever it is that you know (and others don’t), there’s no better time to share it.

19. Give an old saying a new spin

How good are you with puns? Can you breathe new life into old sayings? Let’s see if you can get with the times and pull it off!

20. Ask friends to join you on other social networks

This should come as second nature for social media managers and bloggers like me, but we sometimes forget! So, here’s a friendly reminder.

21. Share a success story

Has your blog won an award in the past? What accomplishment meant the most to you when you were younger? Share a success story with gratitude and humility – try it!

22. Tag someone you know

Share interesting content (there are 29 others on this list, after all), then tag someone you think will appreciate the info. It’s time to connect to friends and colleagues! After all, that’s what social networks are for.

23. How’s the weather?

Something as trivial as whining about the weather can keep you from looking like a social media robot. Nope, nobody likes informal bots on social networks.

24. Tweet about your Instagram

Do your Twitter followers know what your Instagram handle is? Do your Facebook friends know you’re even on Google Plus? It’s time to bridge the information gap!

25. Share your about page

Who are you and what do you do? What’s your elevator pitch? Share a short snippet of your story with everyone. Remind them why you’re here in the first place.

26. Talk about a satirical article

A lot of people fall for satire, believing the information in satirical articles are real. What do you think about satire in general? Is there an article in particular which you loved or hated? Oh, there’s so much to talk about!

27. Talk about traditional media

TV, radio, print – you have many types of traditional media to choose from. What was the last thing you saw on television, heard on the radio, or read in a broadsheet that made an impression? Let your friends in on it.

28. Discuss a flaw

You’re not perfect, so don’t pretend to be. What imperfection do you want your audience to know? Remember: The key is to share, not scare.

29. Give a command

Once in a while, you can tell your friends to do something for you – just do it nicely so that you don’t get swamped with angry comments.

30. Share a YouTube or Instagram video

Social media is not complete without a video! Find one which you find bittersweet, funny, or sad. If it touched you, it might touch your friends, too.

Remember: Social media is all about sharing!

Loving this? Bookmark my blog post now! That way, you can always come back to it the next time you run out of content ideas for your social media accounts.

social media calendarBookmark this social media calendar and share it with your blogger friends!

Better yet, share with your fellow bloggers and social media manager friends. Don’t worry; even if they follow the same social media calendar, you won’t be posting the same content! Think of it this way: The more ideas they have on what to post, the more they’ll stop posting those really bad food pics and selfies!

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