Smart Blogger Challenge Day 16: Online Trends to Help Bloggers

Monday, February 16, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

Before you say learning about digital trends is too much for someone like you who simply blogs out of passion, hold up! There’s no reason to back out of the Smart Blogger Challenge now. After all, the digital trends I’m about to share won’t give you a nosebleed at all.

the science of blogging

We blog because we have thoughts and experiences we can’t wait to share with the rest of the world. That’s how blogging becomes an art: We make it a venue of expression, in a way people can relate to. Blogging, however, can be both an art and a science!

Blogging: An Art and A Science

When we study how one blog post did better or why one title got us more clicks, we are relying on statistics to learn something new about how we blog. As people who have made a habit of maximizing what the online world has to offer, taking a peek at blog statistics to help us perform better makes sense.

We can stop at statistics that deal with our blog alone… or we can venture outside of our own comfy spheres and find out what other digital trends we can use to improve how our blog does online.

Don’t worry; the digital trends I’m about to share with you are easier to understand than blog stats. They’re things for you to mull over, ideas that just might change the way you blog.

Reading task for today: Online Trends Bloggers Can Use

The thing about online stats and digital trends is that you see the numbers and you know what they mean, but you don’t know how that should translate into in terms of blogging. Some statistics are subject to interpretation – it can mean one thing to me and another to you.

digital trendsDay 16 Reading Task:
Serious Digital Trends for the Serious Blogger

That’s often the case with numbers. That’s why for today’s reading task, I’m sharing with you an article that details trends which have been interpreted by two experts: an author who wrote a book on digital trends and the founder of a digital company.

Do you think these trends are going to change how you blog? Which one in particular pushed a button? Let’s hope the information you just read does help improve your blogging habits!

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