Day 20 Smart Blogger Challenge: Blogs vs Newspapers

Friday, February 20, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

You can tell from the name of the task that today’s reading challenge is going to be quite controversial! If you have your ears to the ground, you will have heard about how many writers hate bloggers, and vice versa. That’s what we’re going to read about for today’s Smart Blogger Challenge!

By the way, I automatically scheduled today’s post – I’m probably on my way to the airport right now, checking in my luggage as I get ready to ride a plane to Cebu for the Healthcare Social Media Summit 2015. I’ll be a panelist for this milestone summit – it’s the first of its kind, bringing doctors and social media practitioners from around the Philippines to discuss hot topics about healthcare and social media!

PAL ticketIt’s official: I’ve booked my flight to the Healthcare Social Media Summit 2015 in Cebu! Hurray!

I’ve never been to Cebu, so if you have suggestions on what I should do (I’ll be staying in Cebu City), do leave comments and I’ll be thankful!

So, on with today’s task: Between blogs and newspapers, which emerge as victors?

Virtual vs Print: The Elephant in the Room

Disclaimer: I blog but I also contribute to a national broadsheet (I write for Manila Bulletin’s Wellbeing Section) and I maintain a health column for Health.Care magazine. I write for both online and print media.

This is probably why I don’t enjoy reading about hateful comments aimed at bloggers from journalists, and vice versa! There is no reason for either group to bash each other.

We are defined not by how others talk about us, but by how we talk about others.

But it’s futile to say the conflict doesn’t exist. It does. I see it on Facebook and I hear snide remarks during events. It’s hard to ignore the line being drawn between the blogosphere and print media.

Question is, if the conflict ever became a contest, who wins? Is there even a winner to begin with?

Smart Blogger Challenge Day 20: Blogs vs Newspapers

Let’s proceed with today’s reading task. Read with an open mind and a kind heart.

smart blogger

Day 20 Suggested Reading:
Blogs Vs Newspapers – and the winner is?

After you’ve completed the task, I hope you know better than to badmouth anyone. Blogger, journalist, teacher, doctor – it doesn’t matter who it is; talking about them like you’re the winner and they’re the losers makes you look arrogant and bitter.

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Focus on what can make you better at your craft, whether you write for print or maintain a blog. Reality check: Criticizing what others do won’t make you any better at what you do.

Hope this serves as an eye-opener. If you have friends on Facebook who enjoy throwing stones at the other camp, share this article and hope the stone hits them in the face, too! Have a great weekend!

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