Blogging Myths You Probably Believe: Day 9 of the Blogger Challenge

Monday, February 09, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

Yesterday’s reading task was about blogging facts. It just makes sense, therefore, that today’s reading task is all about blogging myths!

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We hear a lot of things about blogging, leading us to believe things that aren’t necessarily true. Listen to something long enough and it tends to sound true, right?

Let’s put an end to these myths about blogging! It’s time to bust these myths and open our minds to one possibility: When it comes to the things we believe about blogging, we may have been wrong all along.

Blogging Myths, Busted

The myths I compiled for today’s reading task were based on a stark contrast I observed between my blogger friends from the Philippines and those from other countries. How we see our blogs is so different from how they see theirs!

There’s nothing wrong with us having different points of view. However, if our beliefs prevent us from becoming better at our craft, it’s probably time for us to try to see things through other people’s eyes.

Reading Task for Day 9 | Smart Blogger Challenge

As you read through the myths I’m about to share, you can stick to your old beliefs. Or you can reconsider and welcome the new possibilities. Again, it’s really your call.

But before you shrug off whatever you’re about to read, do think about them and be honest to yourself: Did you believe in these blogging myths all this time?

Day 9 Suggested Reading:
5 Blogging Myths You Probably Believe

So, what did you think about today’s read? Gear up for a few eye-opening tasks in the days to come! There’s more up ahead – and most of the reading suggestions you will be receiving just might change how you look at blogging altogether.

Hopefully, this smart blogger challenge transforms you into a better, brighter blogger! In other words, I hope it does make you a much smarter blogger than you already are!

It’s time to shine, fellow bloggers! May our passions guide us – and may we believe only in what rings true.

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