Healthcare Social Media Summit 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 3 Comments

Healthcare and social media – do they belong together? It’s something we will find out soon enough at the first-ever Healthcare Social Media Summit in the Philippines, organized by the HealthXPh team together with the Department of Science Technology - Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (DOST-PCHRD). Spoiler: I was given the wonderful opportunity to be a panelist for the summit!

Healthcare Social Media Summit 2015I can’t wait to connect with everyone coming to participate in what can only be described as a milestone in Philippine healthcare!

What:    HealthCare Social Media Summit 2015 #HCSMPH
Who:     Organized by the HealthXPh team and DOST-PCHRD
Where:  Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu, Cebu City
When:   Saturday, February 21, 2015, 7:30AM to 5:30PM
How:     Book your free tickets online at HealthXPh
Why:     It’s the first time the country will hold a summit on healthcare and social media! Woot!

Ain’t that awesome? I can hardly wait! Finally, doctors and other health professionals are recognizing the potential of social media in helping to build a more health-aware Philippines.

HealthCare Social Media Summit 2015: What to Expect

Have you signed up for the summit yet? Tickets are available for free but you have to book them online.

sold out ticketsSold-out tickets! Congratulations!

All tickets have been sold out when I checked, so I hope you got yourself one! Up next, I’m sharing with you what you can expect when you attend summit.

  1. Patient privacy and confidentiality on social media
    How can health professionals protect their patients’ privacy in a platform where sharing of information is the norm? This will be discussed by the panelists of the summit’s first track.
  2. Using social media for health promotion
    We can connect with people from all parts of the world via social media. It’s a great platform for sharing information about health issues and debunking common health myths! I will be one of the panelists for this track.
  3. Social media as a tool for educating health professionals
    How exactly can our social networks be used to educate and inform health professionals? Perhaps it’s also possible to use social media as a way to collaborate with different scientific organizations and even the public!
  4. Patient stories shared via social media
    Noteworthy stories can go viral. People who have battled health issues no longer have to keep their stories to themselves. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Social media becomes the ally of everyone with anything to share.

Summit Schedule

We are expecting esteemed guests, including Dr. Jaime Montoya of DOST-PCHRD, Dr. Minerva Calimag (head of the Philippine Medical Association), Health Undersecretary Dr. Ted Herbosa, Dr. Tony Leachon (president of the Philippine College of Physicians), and Dr. Noel Pingoy of General Santos Doctors Hospital.

healthcare social media summitHere’s the summit schedule (click on it to enlarge). Do attend all the tracks if you can! See you during the second track when I join colleagues in discussing health promotion via social media.

summit tracksHere are the four tracks in detail (click to enlarge). I love the topics selected for this summit! The summit’s theme, Synergies in Social Media and Healthcare, is just fitting.

Professional (and Personal) Milestone

Because of the summit, I will be doing three things for the first time:

  1. I will get on a plane (I know; I must live in the boondocks or something)
  2. I will visit Cebu (I can’t wait!)
  3. I will attend and participate in the first-ever Healthcare Social Media Summit in the country! (Hurray!)

Full disclosure: I initially said no, but I eventually saw how foolish my initial decision was. Thanks to Dr Iris Tan for the extra push!

Stef dela CruzSee you all in Cebu!

I’m looking forward to meeting in person the awesome people I’ve been talking to only via social media. See how social media has helped shaped this particular event? How the summit came to be speaks volumes about what it’s about!


In the spirit of social media, it’s time we used it to promote this awesome summit! Time to use our Twitter accounts, folks! Use the hashtag #HCSMPH before, during, and after the summit!

With February being the month of hearts, it is definitely the time to celebrate milestones close to our heart. See you all in Cebu for the Healthcare Social Media Summit 2015!

Stef dela CruzAbout the blogger
Stef dela Cruz is a vegan doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She is the editor of The Manila Bulletin's Animal Scene Magazine. Get in touch if you want to invite her as a speaker!


  1. Hi, Dr Stef! I am a graduating med student from UERM, and also a blogger ( Do you have any idea if there will be another Healthcare Social Media Summit this year? I would really like to participate!

    I really admire you for following your passion in writing. I am also a firm believer of the importance of media in healthcare. I hope more people would get the most out of the internet i.e. medical articles for their own health (not just random, useless stuff). More power to your blog! :)

    1. Hi, Rachelle! I believe there's a summit every year, and you can get in touch with them by finding them on Facebook and all other social networks. :) Good luck!

    2. I realize you posted this last year. Does that mean you are a medical graduate now? Congratulations! :)