How to Deal with Cyberstalkers – Smart Blogger Challenge Day 10

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Whoa, I love the topic already! How about you, do you want to learn about how to deal with cyberstalkers for our Day 10 reading task?

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We’re about halfway through the 21-Day Smart Blogger Challenge and each reading task from here on gets more and more interesting! For today’s reading suggestions, we deal with a tricky topic: cyberstalking.

Cyberstalkers: do you have any?

Have you ever had stalkers, online or otherwise? If you have, then you know how bothersome and even dangerous they can be.

It’s important for bloggers like us to know what to do when stalkers come a-knocking on our doors, whether they’re virtual or real. They pose a threat not only to us, but also to our loved ones!

Unfortunately, we don’t really know how to handle stalkers. What do we do when they leave a comment on our blogs? What do we do when they start emailing us?

What do we do when they start bothering us at the office, harassing our co-workers or even our boss? What do we do when they start stalking us – and our loved ones – in person?

Oh, these questions are tough! But we have to know how to answer them. As bloggers, more often than not, our faces – and our lives – are on our social networks for everyone to see.

Smart Blogger Challenge Day 10: Dealing with Cyberstalkers

So, for our Day 10 suggested read, we have an article that helps us deal with cyberstalkers. It’s best to prepare before you encounter them!

Day 10 Reading Task:
How to Deal with Cyberstalkers

If you have friends or loved ones who have been bothered – or are still being bothered – by cyberstalkers, please share this with them. Cyberstalking should never be taken for granted!

More importantly, we should help each other out. One way you can do exactly that is by disseminating helpful information.

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