Should We Tell Others How to Blog? Day 11 Smart Blogger Challenge

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

Today’s reading suggestion is almost an irony. Here we are, reading about tips and tricks about blogging, until we come across an article saying that perhaps we shouldn’t be telling others how to run their blogs!

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But before you come to any conclusions, you should really read the write-up from start to finish. It just might open your eyes to something you’ve been close-minded to in the past.

Telling others how to blog: Can we pull it off?

We can give instructions. We can give suggestions. We are, after all, bloggers who want to help out.

But should we ever impose our own beliefs about blogging on others? Should we also allow our blogger friends to tell us how exactly to run our blogs?

It’s hard to establish guidelines for a passion that may be a career for some but a hobby others. The reason doctors, engineers, and other fields of work have guidelines and standards of practice is because they are officially considered a profession and never a hobby.

It’s also tough deciding whom to look to for such guidelines. Who gets to set them, for instance? What happens when someone doesn’t follow the rules – do you have the right to, say, confiscate their blogs?

Again, these are tough questions. But perhaps the answers to them aren’t that tough. It’s time we found out. Ready?

Today’s Reading Task | Smart Blogger Challenge Day 11

We have always been hearing about blogger groups who want to impose guidelines on how we should run our blogs. As much as that seems ideal at first, it just might backfire.

Oh, the internet. Life was so simple before its inception. But now that everybody is online and almost everyone has a blog, things are much more complicated.

We then proceed with today’s reading task. Hopefully, this answers the questions I asked today.

Day 11 Reading Task:
Why You Shouldn’t Tell Others How to Blog

By the way, the above reading task contains a link to another reading task we’ve completed in the past. Feel free to click if you need a refresher, but you absolutely don’t need to if you’d rather leave it be.

Should blogging be a democracy, or should it be done within the constraints of guidelines? What did you think before today’s reading task and what did you think after you were done reading it?

Feel free to share your thoughts via the comment section. Do you think I got it right? Who knows? I might have gotten it wrong!

Well, that’s the great thing about blogging: We can express our thoughts, knowing that if we do make mistakes, we can always learn from them… and then we get to blog about them!

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