Using Your and You’re: Unforgettable Tip for Bloggers | Smart Blogger Challenge Day 18

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

You’ve probably heard every single trick in the book about how to differentiate your from you’re. But if you’re still struggling with these two terms, it’s time for you to poke fun at yourself so that you’ll never forget.

your vs you're

That’s actually our reading task for today’s Smart Blogger Challenge! Can you believe it’s the 18th day? Three more reading tasks after today and we’re done! Up next will be the grand giveaway for whoever lasts until the 21st day of the challenge – prizes up to PhP10,000 at stake, so don’t chicken out yet!

You’re, Your: What’s the difference?

Anyway, back to your and you’re. The obvious – and for me, the easiest – way to remember their proper usage is recalling that you’re is short for you are. So, when in doubt, just trade you are for you’re.

If the sentence sounds like gibberish, then you’re probably looking for your, not you’re. But I’ve tried teaching some of my friends this trick and they still don’t know how to use both terms! A quick look at their text messages on my phone reveals their your-you’re syndrome.

Apparently, it doesn’t look as simple as I think it does. Oh, well. Time to bring out the big guns.

Grand Giveaway Starts Now!

And, as promised, I’m giving away PhP10,000 worth of prizes! Here’s what you need to do.

Send me an email (my email is here on my website – you’ll find it if you look) using the email address you registered with for the Smart Blogger Challenge. Your email must be sent anytime starting today until February 22, 9AM Philippine time.

Your email should contain why you think you’re a smart blogger and what is the one thing you can’t forget from all the reading tasks you’ve completed up until today. Why is it memorable?

If you email me, you agree that I can post your email publicly and share it with the rest of my readers. I do hope it brings my readers over to your website!

I will be choosing winners – and, since this is a personal challenge, I have the option not to choose winners (or choose less than the three winners that I intended) if I’m not happy with what I read. I’ve received entries before where participants left a sentence with just five words (the contest was about leaving the best comment).

Smart Blogger Challenge Day 18: Using Your and You’re

But the Smart Blogger Challenge isn’t about the giveaway, is it? It’s about getting smart as a blogger! We can add using your and you’re to the list of things we can do with confidence.

day 18

Day 18 Suggested Read:
Your, You’re – Grammar for Bloggers

You might say this is a particularly silly reading task, but you have no idea how many bloggers have no idea when to use your and you’re. It’s like a contagious disease! It’s time we upgraded our English skills – we can start with something as basic as learning how to use you’re and your!

Hope you enjoyed today’s self-deprecating read. Thank you for sticking to the Smart Blogger Challenge!

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