Join the #HealthXPh tweet chat tonight - I’m moderating!

Saturday, March 07, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

If your doctor tweeted something you thought was offensive, would you stop visiting him at his clinic? Yes, that’s a tough one to answer, but it’s one of the many questions we will try to answer in this night’s tweet chat, led by the HealthXPh team.

doctor-patient relationship

Oh, and guess what? I’m moderating the Twitter chat! You don’t even have to be a nurse, doctor, or healthcare practitioner to join our chat. Everyone – including you – is welcome to join.

Twitter chat about doctor-patient relationship tonight!

If you want to weigh in on this issue, simply read this blog post. It contains the three topics we will be discussing tonight at 9 PM Philippine time (8 AM EST).

To join our chat, simply use the hashtag #HealthXPh when you tweet! That way, I get to see your tweet on my Twitter feed.

You can tweet your opinions, share facts you’ve discovered about the topics, or ask questions. Anything goes!

(Curious about how this all came to be? I met the HealthXPh team during the first-ever HealthCare Social Media Summit in Cebu! In fact, they were the ones who organized the wildly successful historic summit. More on that after I fully recuperate from the flu.)

Schedule for tonight’s tweet chat

But just so there’s a little bit of order and we don’t get lost tonight (okay, just so I in particular don’t get lost tonight, since I’ll be moderating, hehe), here’s a breakdown of how it might go down. Special thanks to the HealthXPh team who pitched in on the time management plan!

First 10 minutes: Let’s all get to know each other!
15 minutes: Topic 1 discussion
15 minutes: Topic 2 discussion
15 minutes: Topic 3 discussion
5 minutes: Let’s wrap things up!
Total: 60 minutes

For a list of the three topics and why we’re chatting about physician-patient relationships tonight, drop by HealthXPh and read my guest blog post there.

Doctor-patient relationship and social media: Call for transparency or temperance?

Is the doctor-patient relationship endangered by social media? Should doctors stop tweeting altogether? Or should doctors be more transparent on social networks?

There will definitely be a mix of opinions tonight! We are hoping to learn from each other – and from you – so please join us! It’s going to be fun.

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