4 Things Smart People Know about Weight Loss Diets

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Do you consider yourself smart? If you do but you’re on an extreme diet right now, it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

weight lossIt’s odd, really, that eating healthy and losing weight aren’t always associated with each other. They should be.

Eating healthy should lead to a healthy weight. Weight loss regimens should also focus on healthier eating and lifestyle choices!

4 things you should know about weight loss diets

I heard way too many horror stories about people following fad diets that completely eliminate specific food groups, only for them to end up in the emergency room. Something too extreme may help you lose weight in a short period of time, but it isn’t something you can’t sustain for long.


Healthy epiphany: Variety is healthy

Variety is good! Extreme elimination diets, bad. Even the American Heart Association says you should eat various nutritious food items from all food groups.

healthy fried chickenThis looks like a sinful plate: fried chicken and onion rings! The oil, the oil! But don’t always be scared of oil and fat. As to why, keep reading.

The above dish was prepared in a special way that uses minimal oil and fresh, healthy ingredients. Eat a small serving coupled with healthy, fiber-rich carbs and you’ve got nothing to fear!


Healthy epiphany: Once you’re off the wagon, you gain the weight all over again

When someone tries to teach me to starve myself to lose weight, I don’t listen – I know that’s not how it’s done. Starving myself for weight loss puts my body at risk – think hypoglycemia, hypovitaminosis, or hypoproteinemia.

Harvie de BaronHarvie de Baron also didn’t believe in overdoing things and taking it to the extreme. He explained how he lost weight not by starving himself, but by eating healthy food that fueled his energy to live an active life!

I don’t want to faint in the middle of my yoga session! So, instead of jumping on the diet bandwagon, I try to always eat healthy food. (Healthy food makes me feel full much earlier than fast food, processed food, or junk food, by the way.)


Healthy epiphany: When you starve yourself, you can’t exercise the way you should

Instead of starving myself, eliminating entire food groups from my diet, or completely depriving myself of my favorite dessert, I aim for moderation and balance.

beef short ribsIt’s okay to eat sinful food, such as beef short ribs. I just make it a point not to go overboard!

Here’s the thing: Exercise is part of staying healthy. You can’t go around that fact. We need to exercise to stay fit!

Your heart is begging you to move about and quit being a couch potato. That’s something you can’t do if you’re feeling faint all the time because you’re “not into carbs”. (Just choose the right carbs and you’re off to a healthier you!)


Healthy epiphany: When it comes to food, extremes are rarely good. Moderation is the safer bet.

I was surprised when Harvie and Eizza de Baron discussed these very principles when they introduced Baron method to me and other members of the press last March 12. Shameless plug: I wrote about it for Manila Bulletin – read about eating your way to weight loss!

Baron methodMatec Villanueva, CEO of advertising firm Publicis, explained how Harvie de Baron helped her gain weight and stay in shape, while her son lost weight and got fit enough to become a swimming champ!

Thankfully, they weren’t peddling another fad diet; they were asking people to eat healthy and choose healthy ingredients. I was relieved that it wasn’t another unhealthy fad diet!

Want to lose weight? Here are 5 smart ways to do it.

Now, if you’re ready to start eating healthy, let’s get started with five smart tips to eat healthy and lose weight. Enjoy!

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