The Healthier Alternative to Deep-Frying

Thursday, August 06, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

When I said yes to Erwan Heussaff cooking for me (yes, he cooked for other people, too, but whatever), I thought it was another celeb-turned-entitled-chef and it was another poser foodie event.

Erwan HeussaffFoot in mouth, I tell you this: Far from being a famous poser, Erwan is smart. And boy, can he cook.

Well, color me wrong about my ill-informed presumptions! Thank you, Philips, for making this dinner happen. It’s nice of you to prove me way off beam once in a while.


Fried vs Air-fried: Is there a diff?

“Air is the new oil,” said Reah Ronsayro, business development manager for Philips’ Home Living, as she described the Rapid Air technology of their trademarked Airfryer. Erwan used the Airfryer – among other Philips kitchen gadgets – to prepare a five-course meal, which he cooked on the spot.

The Red Light

Here’s where Erwan Heussaff cooked for me. Oh, right, he also cooked for 14 other guests. (I keep forgetting that fact. Silly me.)

“Oleogustus, or the taste of fat, may soon be acknowledged as the sixth taste, right next to sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. With the airfryer reducing oil use by up to 80 percent, will the taste of food deteriorate when air-fried? And with oil known to contribute to satiety, won’t we feel less full with air-fried food?” I asked.

“I don't see oil as bad. I see deep frying as bad,” Erwan said. Good point. Airfryers are primarily meant to reduce oil in food that's usually prepared via deep-frying.

“If you want to drizzle your food with olive oil or top it with butter, that's not a problem. Deep frying is another thing. It kills the taste and it's not healthy, and that's something you can get rid of when you use an Airfryer.”


Healthy food that tastes good: My kind of food

Now, back to the food. The whole time I was eating, I was thinking, “Why does the food remind me of home when I've never tasted it before?”

Yes, it was good. And none of it is deep-fried! Here's a rundown of the things Erwan cooked for me.

I mean, for all his guests. Dammit.

The Red Light menuThis is a menu prepared by none other than Erwan, who would rather mince potatoes than words.

Flavors don’t overwhelm and they keep me on my toes. I mean, take a look. They taste as good as – if not better than – they look.

burrataBurrata (made from carabao’s milk) & greens on buttered toast

Chopped hangersteakChopped hangersteak with salsa verde and sweet potato squash mash

grilled fishcakes quinoaGrilled fishcake with romesco sauce and toasted quinoa

poached shrimpPoached shrimp with corn chowder

Goodbye, deep-fry!

Hello, air-fry! This just in: I’m breaking up with my kitchen because I found a new partner.

Philips AirfryerLook at him. He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?

But really, would you spend almost PhP13,000 on this beauty? Before you say, “Hell, no!” you should really read this. Go ahead, click away:

Philips Airfryer: Is it worth the cost?

If you live in a condo or an apartment (like me), you can’t afford the luxury of shiny, shimmery kitchen appliances that take up more space than your bag collection. There simply is no space in your life for bulky appliances, literally!

So, what do we do now? We surrender ourselves to Erwan – I mean, to Philips’ Airfryer.

By the way, I asked Erwan a lot of questions about health and cooking. Interested why his blog is called The Fat Kid Inside but he looks nothing like it? Read up on this spotlight feature on Erwan. (Girls, you’re welcome.)

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