Intelligent, wearable health gadget “manipulates” you into running better

Thursday, August 20, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

Before you write me angry emails about how I’m lambasting a wonderful gadget, let’s get one thing straight: Manipulation isn’t necessarily bad, especially if it’s something you signed up for.

If you’re anything like me, you know how important it is to get moving. And if you’re a lot like me, you know your, um, limitations.

The thing about limitations is that most of them are subjective. You say, “I can’t do it!” just because you don’t feel like it, not because you truly can’t.

Limitations, Shmimitations

Here’s another thing about these self-declared limitations: Since they’re based on your ingrained belief systems, arguing with you about why they’re not true can prove futile. Anyone with a psychology background will tell you that the more you argue about the delusions a person has, the more he’s bound to stand by them.

Predictably Irrational

The world of advertising has used this knowledge to their advantage. Dan Ariely, a behavioral economics professor, wrote Predictably Irrational to tell the world one thing about consumers: They are, well, predictably irrational. The more we know this, the more we can overcome the hurdles of our predictably irrational nature.

According to behavioral economics expert Dan Ariely, consumers are predictably irrational. Can the same be said about our behavior towards physical fitness?

Hence, the necessary role of manipulation – that is, if you want to push your so-called “limitations”. Now, are you ready to meet the gadget that can manipulate you into pushing yourself towards – and perhaps beyond – your limits?

The Gadget That Helps You #ConquerYourRun

You don’t have to be a runner to know that there’s a wall to push against when your heart starts pumping and your lungs start to burn. But the solution doesn’t have to be pushing hard against that wall.

Sometimes, all you have to do is wear a gadget you can barely feel you’re wearing.

Sony Smart B-TrainerMeet the “Master Manipulator” of all wearable running gadgets.

If you haven’t worn the Sony Smart B-Trainer yet, you should. It’s so light and unobtrusive that you won’t feel it’s there.

More importantly, it will train you without making you feel like you’re being pushed at all – that’s because it uses music to condition your mind. Sounds interesting yet?

As featured on Tech Envy:
4 Facts you need to get straight about the Smart B-Trainer

Find out how this gadget can manipulate you into performing better! Read about the Smart B-Trainer, a.k.a. the newest wearable health gadget-slash-multitasker, on Tech Envy. Everything you need to know about it is there – and you really should find out if you’re serious about running.

Yeah, it’s nifty, but will I buy one?

That’s the 13-thousand-peso question. Will I actually shell out money to get my hands on one?

Let’s review the facts. It’s light, it’s a multitasking nut, and it manipulates you into doing better. (More details about the Smart B-Trainer here.) So far, so good.

Here’s more:

  1. 1. Its battery lasts anywhere from 5 to 6 hours. It lasts even longer – up to 13 hours – if you don’t turn on the GPS function.
  2. 2. If you want the Smart B-Trainer to choose from a greater variety of songs, you can upload your own music in mp3 format. If the songs you upload have metadata, the gadget can choose your songs based on their tempo.
  3. 3. Want to use Spotify? Sure, but you’re going to have to carry your phone with you.
  4. 4. To use the gadget, you have to download the Smart B-Trainer app. It’s available in both Android and iOS. Using the app, you sync your phone with the gadget and leave your phone at home. When you get back home, connect both gadgets once again and sync anew.
  5. 5. In case you’ve been wondering what “B” in Smart B-Trainer means, it actually stands for “beat”. As in heartbeat and the beats per minute of a song.

Now, here comes the meaty part: how much it costs. You can get the Smart B-Trainer for PhP10,999 – that’s its pre-selling price. After the promo, you’re going to have to dish out PhP12,999.

But I haven’t answered the question, have I? Will I buy one?

smart b-trainer

Once I start running, I probably will. Well, unless Sony gave me one.

This is Doc Stef, signing off. Gotta run!

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