Falling in love with Miuccia Luxe Cakes vegan doughnuts

Monday, December 24, 2018 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

“That’s the thing with any relationship. Think of a tree…”

And right there in the middle of Mandala Park, with happy people milling around and the smell of vegan cheese french fries and Christmas in the air, I cried for the first time since my father died.

But I digress. This post, after all, is not about trees, relationships, or tears. It’s about the vegan dessert brand Miuccia Luxe Cakes, of which I’ve been a big fan since almost nine months ago.

Miuccia Luxe Cakes

Okay, maybe it’s a little bit about trees. And relationships. And tears.

Good people, good food?

They say everybody loves sweets, except maybe psychopaths. I tend to agree.

This is, of course, not a professional opinion. It’s just me trying to be irreverent. It’s also me trying to bang out words on my laptop after having downed a glass of wine. (I’m lying. I downed three.) Then again, a 2016 study by Christina Sagiouglou and Tobias Greitemeyer says that one’s personality is closely related to food preferences, and that sadists and people with antisocial personality (“psychopathic”) traits prefer bitter food.

I tend to defend desserts like they’re my relatives. I know they can be bad for me if I don’t have any self-control, but they’re sweet and they make me feel good. See? Just like relatives.

And Miuccia’s new line of vegan doughnuts? Just like my favorite first cousins.

Miuccia doughnuts


It comes in threes

Maybe the doughnuts are awesome because Len Beltran-Dorado, the lady behind Miuccia, always puts her heart and soul into her in-demand desserts. No matter what your sweet-tooth preferences, Miuccia always has something for you if you’re looking for a sugar fix.

While I sing praises for Miuccia, I confess that I do have a conflict of interest: I’ve forged a friendship with Len. You see, the sweetness doesn’t stop with her desserts; it’s part of who she is. First: At the time the world I had built with the man I loved was crumbling like a bad brownie, she cheered me up even as she cheered for us. Second: When my father passed away shortly after, she had Miuccia goodies hand-delivered all the way to the province for me.

Yes, Len recounted (and counted) my heartbreaks with me. She probably understood that catastrophes -- just like good things – came in threes.

That was why I wasn’t too surprised when three boxes of Miuccia doughnuts arrived at my doorstep two nights ago. I wasn’t too happy that all my friends forgot how they were supposedly civilized people (I’m looking at you, hungry vegans!) when I opened the boxes -- yep, they were gone in under a minute -- because I was supposed to take pictures. Hence, the really blurry photos with the greedy hands and the bread knives.

Miuccia pistachio doughnuts

Miuccia cookies and cream doughnuts


(Bitter) sweet tooth

If my tooth decay during childhood was any indication, I always had a sweet tooth. That was why I looked forward to dropping by Mandala Park during Good Food Sundays -- Miuccia had popped up twice this December, fattening me up with their comfort food.

Predictably, I was just there yesterday, eating a pistachio doughnut and vegan bacon from Vutcher while sharing a few laughs with vegan friends. Len, privy to the things that kept me up at night, was also there to give me sage advice when things started to wind down.

“That’s the thing with any relationship,” she started. “Think of a tree…”

Then, I found myself bursting in tears. Even before I knew what she was about to say, I knew what she was about to say.

I didn’t want to be a tree killer. I loved trees. And maybe one tree more than others.

And right there in the middle of Mandala Park, with happy people milling around and the smell of vegan cheese french fries and Christmas in the air, I cried for the first time since my father died.

Miuccia glazed doughnuts

Desserts will always hold a special place in my heart, especially if they come from Len’s kitchen, where the dwarfs work on her Miuccia noms and the fairies sprinkle them with confectioners’ sugar. They make my grief more tolerable, filling the vacuum in my chest even as they fill my tummy. That’s why I will never stay away from sweets. (The only things I’ll ever steer clear of are tobacco and psychopaths. And maybe I might still change my mind about the latter.)

Check out @hello.miuccia on Instagram! I’m also on Instagram, in case you wanna follow one more sweet thing.

Also, I stole two photos from their Instagram for this post. I’ll ask permission when I’m no longer under the influence of wine. Don’t follow my example – I know I’ll be forgiven; perks of being friends with the owner of the vegan business I’m promoting.

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