How Backpacks Can Hurt Your Back

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Given my constant exposure to backache-inducing, keeps-slipping-off-my-shoulders backpacks since gradeschool, it’s really no surprise that I have lost all hope in backpacks. If you’ve been buying Jansport all your life, you should really pay attention because I’m about to tell you why you shouldn’t buy just about any backpack brand – if you want to remain in the pink of health, that is.

back pain[2]
However, I would understand if you had back pain because of a situation like this.

It’s time to retire your old backpacks and go for one that’s got your back, so to speak. Find a backpack brand that pays attention to the fact that women and men are not created equally, especially when it comes to the shoulders.

And find one that’s not ridiculously overpriced while you’re at it!

Bad Backpacks Equal Bad Backaches

Back in highschool, I marveled at how most of the girls would rather suffer for fashion than carry their heavy notebooks comfortably. They preferred wearing their rucksacks using just one strap instead of both.

Hey, that other strap is just there for absolutely no reason, right? God forbid if you look like a nerd using BOTH shoulder straps, huh?

I Underwent Major Surgery and All I Got Was Cholera!

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I haven’t been blogging much in the past month, in case you haven’t noticed. That’s because I struggled with my diet (what exactly could I eat?) after I found out I had hyperuricemia. Then, I underwent major surgery (I had a tumor removed). And just a few days after a successful procedure, I had to contend with cholera.

Hashtag: #ThirdWorldProblems !

IV dripQuestion: What can make the post-operative experience so much more worth it?
Answer: Cholera. Cheers to contaminated food!

I received a stern “are you crazy?!?” lecture from my surgeon about why I shouldn’t eat raw oysters if I didn’t want to pee through my bum, which was practically what happened when I had rice-water stools almost a dozen times a day.

But raw oysters are da bomb! Life-threatening as they are, I always can’t have enough.

Surgery, cholera, and whatnot, I’m not complaining. Life has been wonderful, really, and no metabolic craziness, ovarian mass, or deadly bacterial gut infection can deemphasize that fact.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I just wanted to update my wonderful readers (including you!) about what’s been going on, in case they’ve missed me. (I don’t really think you’ve missed me, but I’ve missed hearing from all of you and blogging for you, so really, this is a selfish update. Hahaha.)

So, to sum up, here’s what’s happened thus far.

  1. I found out I had hyperuricemia.

    Goodbye, taho! Goodbye, isaw! My body seems to be accumulating uric acid, so I can’t enjoy the purine-rich foods I used to indulge in.

    Oh, well. This metabolic abnormality is much better than hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, or hyperglycemia, so I’m counting myself lucky.

  2. I underwent major surgery.

    I wrote about my experience for the Manila Bulletin – I will post another update once my article gets published.)

  3. I had cholera.

    I ate a platter of raw oysters from Via Mare the night before my gut waged war on me.

operating room My boyfriend took this photo of me in the operating room as I waited for the surgeon. My mindset: Bring it!

But that’s not all. A lot of good things have happened lately, too. Here’s a quick sum-up of the good, now that the bad is over.

Why Health Cube is Giving Hospitals a Headache

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Have you ever paid any attention to those diagnostic laboratories and treatment centers sprouting like mushrooms? Well, me neither… until a few weeks ago when I saw Health Cube in Greenhills.

Health CubeI ventured towards Health Cube like a moth to a flame. Would I get burned?

“Don’t go to Health Cube!” my spidey senses were telling me, but I couldn’t help it. I knew curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity also made possible our wonderful GPS technology (and I bet even your current romantic relationship), so I gave it a shot.

I can’t wait to tell you what I found out.

6 Reasons Health Cube is Giving Hospitals a Headache

To satisfy my curiosity, I availed of one of Health Cube’s health packages. I’m sure you’ve heard of an executive checkup – it’s that all-in-one package that tests you from head to toe.

I then realized how Health Cube can be the thorn in the side of every hospital you and I can think of, business-wise. Here’s why.

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