Jun Sabayton, BNO Tees, and Intellectual Property Rights: #BloggerProblems

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This just in: BNO Tees (by the Boys Night Out of 89.9FM) released the “Pasisikatin kita hija foundation” t-shirt. The problem is, director Jun Sabayton was one of the people who first came up with the catchphrase... and he wasn’t informed about the shirt.

Jun Sabayton and BNO tees“Wala ba kaming share? (Don’t we get a cut?)” -- Jun Sabayton disappointed with BNO Tees after they released a t-shirt using a catchphrase he was partly responsible for.

Sabayton is sort of pissed, as you can see. I can sympathize. After all, not so long ago, a respected blogger also copied my work. Actually, that blogger was the one who was pissed at me!

Much Feels?

Maybe I shouldn’t react this way. Maybe I should allow other people to get inspired by my blog posts. But when a fellow blogger takes photos with the same angles as yours and goes as far as to copy your contest criteria verbatim, shouldn’t you feel bothered at the very least?

A year ago when all the copying and the lack of originality came into being, I didn’t want to make the issue a public one. I tried to do things by the book.

I informed the public relations team (led by a nice person, really) about what happened. I showed her photos comparing my work with the other blogger’s, the same photos attached to this album you’re seeing below.

bloggerThe feeling I got when a fellow blogger took photos that resembled my own: creeped out.

Medical Book Giveaway: Final Leg!

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You’re here for the Grand Rounds Medical Book Giveaway, right? So, here’s what’s going to happen. If you want any of the medical books that you see below, all you have to do is post a public update on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post, explain why you want it, and tag me.

medical booksGet any of these books. It’s going to be easy. Believe me.

No more hashtags. No more likes, follows, retweets, or whatever. Just explain to me (in a public post so that I can see it, of course) why you want that book.

It sounds sooo simple, doesn’t it? Can a medical book giveaway really be that simple? Are medical books really being handed out to people who call dibs?

If you still don’t believe your eyes, here’s how I came to this decision. Future doctors, let’s celebrate Christmas early!

Medical Book Giveaway Recap

A few months back, I decided to give away medical books. I’m not using them and I barely wrote anything on them back in med school!

You can use them not only in school, but also during rounds when you finally go on duty. And if you’re not in med school yet, you can always read them for entertainment. Don’t laugh; I used to do that in fourth grade when my mom came home with a medical encyclopedia!

I know, nerd, right? But my geekiness paid off, so I don’t see why yours won’t. ;)

NEW Medical Book Giveaway Rules: There are no rules!

Anyway, long story short: After the next few legs of the medical book giveaway were a big dud, I’ve decided to push through with the rest of the giveaway with no strings attached. (I don’t blame you; it’s too much of an effort to click on a like button. Sarcasm. Kidding!)

So here we are, with a NEW phase of the medical book giveaway. And this time, it’s easier.

How To Write A Good Blog Post

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To write a good blog post, your first paragraph shouldn’t have just one sentence.

You should always chek your spelling. Nobody wants a layzy person who deosn’t spellcheck.

Use photos wisely in your blog post. Your photo should always be related to what you are writing about. Your photo caption should convince people to read your blog post.

How To Write A Good Blog PostThis is my cat. He loves to sit on my desk. I keep my laptop on my desk. I write my blog posts on my laptop. So yes, this photo of my cat is VERY MUCH RELATED to the topic of blogging.

If you want to write a good blog post, always checks your grammar. Your readers will hates you if you give them a hard time with your really bad English. You might even earn your first bunch of haters – you can never can tell!

Learn about plagiarism. It’s actually okay to copy everything off someone else’s blog because blogs aren’t copyrighted. And I assure you, these are my own words, not a Filipino senator’s. (Or maybe they are, but since I saw his words on the Internet, copying his words makes everything okay. And yeah, we have the same source, too – I almost forgot to say that, whew!)

Know the important keywords that people often try to find on Google – and write a blog post on those topics. That means you should blog about porn, disgusting sex, unfounded gossip, and other topics that would break the spirit of good people.

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