Why Health Cube is Giving Hospitals a Headache

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Have you ever paid any attention to those diagnostic laboratories and treatment centers sprouting like mushrooms? Well, me neither… until a few weeks ago when I saw Health Cube in Greenhills.

Health CubeI ventured towards Health Cube like a moth to a flame. Would I get burned?

“Don’t go to Health Cube!” my spidey senses were telling me, but I couldn’t help it. I knew curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity also made possible our wonderful GPS technology (and I bet even your current romantic relationship), so I gave it a shot.

I can’t wait to tell you what I found out.

6 Reasons Health Cube is Giving Hospitals a Headache

To satisfy my curiosity, I availed of one of Health Cube’s health packages. I’m sure you’ve heard of an executive checkup – it’s that all-in-one package that tests you from head to toe.

I then realized how Health Cube can be the thorn in the side of every hospital you and I can think of, business-wise. Here’s why.

Good Doctors but Bad People: Why Expertise Needs Compassion

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Is being a good person a requisite for being a good doctor? “No,” said a fellow doctor on my personal Facebook page after I posted this question.

expertise and compassion

Sadly, he’s right to a certain degree. There are many doctors out there – all of whom are successful in their respective fields – who do not believe in the tenet, “First, do no harm.”

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

When I interviewed an engineer for an article, he asked me, “Why are there so many doctors with zero bedside manners?” He then told me a horror story about how his own doctor erased the “Dr.” prefix from the chart after he found out “it was a mere PhD”.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes, too: doctors who scam their own patients and specialists who post nasty stories about “problem patients” on Facebook. Then there’s the occasional colleague who posts pictures of his patients lying unconscious on the operating table, their faces out there on display for everyone to see.

If I gave you these doctors’ names, you might be surprised to discover that they are all doing just fine. Diabolical personalities aside, they are actually doing a great job diagnosing patients and giving them the treatment they need.

Our hospitals are teeming with experts – physicians who know exactly which laboratory procedure to request for and what drug to prescribe. Patients’ symptoms abate under their care.

They clearly have the know-how. If I gave them a star for every patient they had who felt better under their watch, their clinics would sparkle with stellar constellations.

Sadly, not every expert has compassion. For those who operate with knowledge but without heart, the empathy gene just might have skipped them when natural selection took its course.

Expertise without Compassion

Before we took it upon ourselves to yield the stethoscope as our chosen weapon, we were taught by our parents how to listen to and care about others.

Yes, we are doctors, nurses, physical therapists, midwives, pharmacists, and nurse assistants. But we are human beings first and foremost.

Now, let me tell you what prompted this blog post. Let me share with you what I saw online that made me react this strongly.

Jun Sabayton, BNO Tees, and Intellectual Property Rights: #BloggerProblems

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This just in: BNO Tees (by the Boys Night Out of 89.9FM) released the “Pasisikatin kita hija foundation” t-shirt. The problem is, director Jun Sabayton was one of the people who first came up with the catchphrase... and he wasn’t informed about the shirt.

Jun Sabayton and BNO tees“Wala ba kaming share? (Don’t we get a cut?)” -- Jun Sabayton disappointed with BNO Tees after they released a t-shirt using a catchphrase he was partly responsible for.

Sabayton is sort of pissed, as you can see. I can sympathize. After all, not so long ago, a respected blogger also copied my work. Actually, that blogger was the one who was pissed at me!

Much Feels?

Maybe I shouldn’t react this way. Maybe I should allow other people to get inspired by my blog posts. But when a fellow blogger takes photos with the same angles as yours and goes as far as to copy your contest criteria verbatim, shouldn’t you feel bothered at the very least?

A year ago when all the copying and the lack of originality came into being, I didn’t want to make the issue a public one. I tried to do things by the book.

I informed the public relations team (led by a nice person, really) about what happened. I showed her photos comparing my work with the other blogger’s, the same photos attached to this album you’re seeing below.

bloggerThe feeling I got when a fellow blogger took photos that resembled my own: creeped out.

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