5 Sad Ways Apologists Try to Justify Bullying

“I’m not saying I support bullying. But then again, bullying builds character.”

These words may seem to hold wisdom, but they are dangerously laced with one succinct message: Bullying is okay. These words therefore give bullies the thumbs-up, the implicit go signal.

Here’s the thing: Bullying exists because we let it. If we want bullying to stop, we must also put a stop to our apologist approach to bullying.


In your lifetime, you be will listening to many apologists as they attempt to rationalize bullying and why it “might be good for society”. These may even be people you look up to and love. You will hear them try to explain away bullying as “an evil with a purpose”. They will attempt to dilute its malevolence by stating its arguably good consequences.

They will fail to realize that the moment they try to justify bullying, they have already made the choice to defend it.


5 Apologist Reasons for Bullying (and Why We Need to Stop Using Them)

All tragedies bring out our tough nature, but I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’m not for violence against women, but violence against women builds character.” So, why do we say that about bullying? Puzzler.

Of course, that’s not the only thing an apologist would say in an attempt to sublimate bullying. Check these reasons out and find out which ones you’ve already heard.


Apologist reason #1:

”Bullying builds character”

Just because a tragedy builds character doesn’t mean we should belittle the damage it causes.

I don’t even have to look far – just one glance at my doctor colleagues and I can see how bullying inevitably takes its toll on a very important stakeholder: the unsuspecting patient.

3 Reasons I’ve Been Away (And Why I’m Holding A Giveaway)

I committed a mortal sin in blogging – that is, I stopped. I know what’s about to happen: Google will probably hate me a little and my blog won’t be given as many relevance points as it deserves.

I apologize. I’ve been rather, um, busy.

vacation meme

I know it’s not an excuse. Which is why I’d like to make it up to you by holding a giveaway. (More on that later.)

There are many other bloggers out there who have two day jobs but still manage to update their blogs at least twice a week. Wow. How they do that remains a mystery to a procrastinator (and overfunctioner) like me.


The Negligent Blogger, a.k.a. Yours Truly

I maintain – or am supposed to maintain – three websites, including this one. The second website is a tech blog, which I co-founded with my techie brother. The third is still under renovation. It’s a personal-turned-lifestyle blog called Life and Fever.

I also contribute to Manila Bulletin and several other magazines and websites. Of course, I’m not going to complain about the workload. I choose to see my crazy schedule as a happy problem.

But enough excuses! I’m back and I’m blogging again. Let me show you what I’ve been up to lately, just so you know why I’ve been remiss with duties as a blogger.


What’s Been Keeping This Blogger Busy Lately

It’s one in the morning and I’m supposed to be sleeping. I have a 7AM meeting, which means I have to be up in four hours! But if I put this off for another few days, I’m afraid I might never be able to catch up with you anymore!

Ergo, this rather personal post about what’s been keeping me busy lately. Here’s a rundown of updates for you.


1. I am now a member of UST Medical Alumni Association’s Culture Change Committee!


Look at my brand new USTMAA membership card! It’s so fancy, isn’t it? If you graduated from UST med school, contact USTMAA and apply for lifetime membership now to get this really awesome ID!

But what on earth does being part of such a committee entail? Good question – and a rather hard one, too! Let’s just say that Thomasian doctors, such as myself, know that it’s time for change.

5 Things You Do That Your Doctor-Friend Hates

Do you have a friend who happens to be a doctor? Has he ever been Mr. Hyde with you, or is he always the perfect Dr. Jekyll?

Chances are, he's very good at keeping his inner demon at bay, even when there are five things you keep doing that your doctor-friend hates.

doctor pet peeves

Get ready, folks. This one’s a stinger.


5 Pet Peeves Your Doctor-Friend Has About You

Take a look at the list and find out which pet peeves of your doctor-friend has about you. Are you ready for your shock treatment?


Doctor’s pet peeve #1:
When you text, “What should I take for my cough/ stomach ache/ itch?”

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