5 Things You Do That Your Doctor-Friend Hates

Do you have a friend who happens to be a doctor? Has he ever been Mr. Hyde with you, or is he always the perfect Dr. Jekyll?

Chances are, he's very good at keeping his inner demon at bay, even when there are five things you keep doing that your doctor-friend hates.

doctor pet peeves

Get ready, folks. This one’s a stinger.


5 Pet Peeves Your Doctor-Friend Has About You

Take a look at the list and find out which pet peeves of your doctor-friend has about you. Are you ready for your shock treatment?


Doctor’s pet peeve #1:
When you text, “What should I take for my cough/ stomach ache/ itch?”

4 Things Smart People Know about Weight Loss Diets

Do you consider yourself smart? If you do but you’re on an extreme diet right now, it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

weight lossIt’s odd, really, that eating healthy and losing weight aren’t always associated with each other. They should be.

Eating healthy should lead to a healthy weight. Weight loss regimens should also focus on healthier eating and lifestyle choices!

4 things you should know about weight loss diets

I heard way too many horror stories about people following fad diets that completely eliminate specific food groups, only for them to end up in the emergency room. Something too extreme may help you lose weight in a short period of time, but it isn’t something you can’t sustain for long.


Healthy epiphany: Variety is healthy

Variety is good! Extreme elimination diets, bad. Even the American Heart Association says you should eat various nutritious food items from all food groups.

healthy fried chickenThis looks like a sinful plate: fried chicken and onion rings! The oil, the oil! But don’t always be scared of oil and fat. As to why, keep reading.

Join the #HealthXPh tweet chat tonight - I’m moderating!

If your doctor tweeted something you thought was offensive, would you stop visiting him at his clinic? Yes, that’s a tough one to answer, but it’s one of the many questions we will try to answer in this night’s tweet chat, led by the HealthXPh team.

doctor-patient relationship

Oh, and guess what? I’m moderating the Twitter chat! You don’t even have to be a nurse, doctor, or healthcare practitioner to join our chat. Everyone – including you – is welcome to join.

Twitter chat about doctor-patient relationship tonight!

If you want to weigh in on this issue, simply read this blog post. It contains the three topics we will be discussing tonight at 9 PM Philippine time (8 AM EST).

To join our chat, simply use the hashtag #HealthXPh when you tweet! That way, I get to see your tweet on my Twitter feed.

You can tweet your opinions, share facts you’ve discovered about the topics, or ask questions. Anything goes!

(Curious about how this all came to be? I met the HealthXPh team during the first-ever HealthCare Social Media Summit in Cebu! In fact, they were the ones who organized the wildly successful historic summit. More on that after I fully recuperate from the flu.)

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