Grand Rounds Medical Book Giveaway

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Welcome to the Grand Rounds Medical Book Giveaway! Future (and present) doctors, I promised last week that I will be giving away about twenty different medical books, from textbooks you use inside the classroom to cheat sheets you use during hospital rounds. I'm here now to fulfill that promise!

(It’s called “Grand Rounds” Medical Book Giveaway because you will have to make a few rounds online before you find the final instructions. Enjoy!)

Brace yourselves, brave doctors-to-be, as you are about to embark on the most awesome online adventure – and hey, you might actually win a prize!

medical book giveawaySee something you want? That’s just half of what I’m giving away!

Here's just a peek at what you might win in a series of contests and fun games, all in the name of the epic medical book giveaway you are about to be part of! See anything you want?

Medical Book Giveaway: Rules

I know you hate rules - sorry! But games tend to have them, you know, so let's get on with the program! Here are some of the rules and reminders of the medical book giveaway.

Premed Course: Does It Matter?

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When the president of an organization of student engineers studying at the University of the Philippines emailed me a question about NMAT, I replied with a question of my own: “May I please publish your question on my blog?”

premed course

Engr Gerald Jan Lumba’s email held many questions which, if answered publicly via blog post instead of privately via email, might benefit others seeking for answers. But that’s not the only reason I wanted to publish his questions here. Engineer Gerald is the University of the Philippines student unit president of the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers. If someone as accomplished as he is willing to ask questions about going into medical school, it sends the message that nobody has reason to be shy.

Premed Course: How Your College Degree May Influence Med School

So, if you yourself have questions regarding the NMAT requirements for medical school, shoot. Fire at will. Ask away.

But before you do, let me show you what the kind engineer wrote in his email. (I asked permission to publish – don’t worry.)

“Hi Dr. dela Cruz!

“I am an ME student in UP. I am currently a graduating student (June 2015.) I have decided on taking med proper just recently, but as it is, my subjects are quite different from the usual pre-med courses. I only have one bio and chem subject. I had a lot of physics and math, though. I believe I did pretty well on them.

“I had been dreaming of becoming a doctor since 3 but I thought engineering was also good on me. I'm planning to apply at UP Manila. Do you possibly know if they have subject requirements for the pre-med program? If yes, should I take extra subjects then? Do you know any school that has none? How basic/difficult are the NMAT questions? Do you think having BSME as premed is a disadvantage to my applications? Thank you very much.”

Email sent in by Engr. Gerald Jan Lumba

Gerald Jan Lumba

I’ll try to answer all the questions, not only for Gerald’s sake, but also for every other doctor in the making out there who happens to be searching for answers on Google.

Cum Laude Kate Tan Dies; Father Sues "Doctor"

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It sounds like a headline you would find in a tabloid, but it's not. It's the story of Kate Tan, a cum laude graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University. "But what is it to me?" you might ask. Well, it's this: Kate could have been your sister, best friend, or daughter. Kate could have even been you.

Kate TanMeet Kate Tan. She looked awesome. She was awesome.

That was how I felt: She could have easily been me. I found way too many similarities between me and Kate: She was the eldest child in the family, she was an achiever in school, and she also wanted to become a writer. She had a loving and supportive family, too, just like me.

There is, however, one thing that sets us apart: Unlike Kate, I'm still alive.

Kate passed away in July 2013. "Everybody dies," you might think. "It's just another sob story," you might say. But it's not.

That headline you just read is the tip of a big and potentially scandalous iceberg, one that will affect every single one of us. So if you're a sister, best friend, or daughter, pay close attention to what I will reveal about my four-hour interview with Bernard Tan, Kate's father.

If you don't want your sister, best friend, or daughter to be the next Kate Tan, I suggest you sit tight, pay attention, and prepare to share this on every single one of your social networks.

You see, Kate did not want to die quietly. She - together with her grieving father and the people who know about the hideousness that happened to her - have a message for you that might one day save the life of someone you love.